A Legend Already: Bailee Madison

A lot of things have changed over the years with Bailee Madison but one thing remains the same. That face and smile.  She could not hide in a crowd of a million people because she has a certain look to her no one can replicate.
We asked some of Bailee’s fans recently what is it about her that keeps them interested and just about everyone said the same things. Talent. This girl is overloaded with talent.  Some said the innocent appearance she has, the fact that she has remained true to herself and did not feel like she had to be a Hollywood sell out like most girls who by the age of 12 are trying to be sex sirens for roles.
I will go as far as saying Bailee Madison can play everything from a Nun to a Serial killer and make you believe that is what she is.  Bailee Madison is extremely talented and we think she will be a Hollywood Legacy in her lifetime .That is a lot to say for someone so young.
Bailee currently stars on The Good Witch along with Catherine Bell and James Denton on the Hallmark Channel. I don’t know about you guys but to me Hallmark is right up there With Disney. You make it big on either channel and you are set for life.  One has to wonder when does this girl rest. She is in one thing after the other it seems.
Bailee starred with Natalie Portman in the movie Brothers and had everyone so engrossed in her acting it is no wonder she has been in high demand. She delivers with each and every performance.  The list of things she has done go on forever and I imagine by the time she is ready to retire it will be one of the longest in Hollywood history.
Bailee is also now trying her hand at directing.
She is currently filming The Strangers 2 and we cant wait to see it.
We have followed several of Bailee’s fans on social media and by far the best source of information is @BaileeFanofCACV  on twitter. They are devoted to Bailee’s career and many times post things before the media does.  Don’t ask me how these people get info but it is super cool to see such dedicated fans supporting this young actress.
We recently did a give away of A Cowgirls story on Twitter and to date it was our best contest.  This was Bailee’s movie and an excellent cast  made this video a stand out winner.
We know in her near future we will see Bailee Madison taking the stage at all the awards shows because she is young, determined and talented beyond belief. She will last a long time in this industry and remain true to who she is doing it.

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That Darn Gossip Boy

Face it we all have that friend that can’t keep their mouth shut no matter what. Hello that is me. I hear something juicy and super glue wont keep my mouth closed. I am Carlos Rodriquez and I am honored at this amazing opportunity to write for Junior Hollywood Reporter.  So let me tell you what I heard!


Chloe Lukasiak’s mom Christi posted this picture saying “Working on a new project” well come on Momma Christi.  Can you be more specific. By the way love that top. So is this for Chloe Does it? Is it a movie? is it a sportswear ad? Am I getting warmer momma Christi?  What ever it is her fans will love it because it is Chloe. It could be her shooting a roll of toilet paper of the top of an old toilet in the city dump and the fans will go nuts. Speaking of which:

True to form the second Chloe post something she is doing Maddie Zeigler fans start wall papering social media with stuff she is either doing or did 100 years ago just to get her name out there too. But this time they claim she is working on something AMAZING with this hair dresser guy. um ok. Fella what the heck is that in the center of her head? Looks like something I have seen on fancy cakes.  Let us keep in mind that Maddie recently signed to do some work with a modeling agency and this guy does hair for tons and I mean tons of magazine layouts but no, of course its for a super role in a super movie just like Book of Henry was her movie and she was the star of it. Hey don’t shoot the messenger I got caught up in that hype too and thought wow this is going to be amazing because after all the whole idea of the movie was Henry was protecting Christina only Henry gets killed off in like their first five minutes and Christina is barely seen only talked about. Like what the heck was that?

A bunch of worthless thug punks in Scotland are attacking Susan Boyle every time she steps out of her house now. Buy you some mace girl.  You need some mace? I will ship you some if you need it.  Disgraceful that someone of her fame and age needs to fear for their lives every time they walk out the door having bottles thrown at her head and profanity screamed at her.  Hey Scotland yard are you real? I am watching you. You better protect my girl or I will be wildhorses all the way to Scotland.

BBDe5OUJada Pinkett Smith  showed up at the BET Awards looking like a million bucks. Is she getting younger?

BBDemkNDJ Khaled, and his mini me  Asahd Tuck Khaled, and Nicole Tuck turn up for the BET awards. Is this not the cutest kid ever!!

BBDb8SQAnd  did you hear about this guy who spent over 20,000.00 on a funeral for his son and a week later gets a phone call saying “Hi Dad” The authorities could not ID the body by finger print and messed up royally, I just want to know will the city pay him back for burying some homeless guy for them? I can not begin to imagine the horrible pain and suffering this family has gone though but I sure would be talking to lawyer if I was them.

19489723_1273650496087970_2039230136_nWanna put money on TMZ being the first to get a photo of Abby Lee Miller when she goes to jail? What are you guys stalking the woman? Come on every day a new picture emerges. If Abby walks out the door TMZ is there with a camera.  Come on Abby close your mouth and put on some make up or something. You know good and well they are out there watching for you.  By the way nice shoes. And what the heck was with those pictures Abby was posting yesterday in some mansion with her all dolled up looking 100 lbs thinner? When was that taken or whose body did she photoshop her head on. Because the pics from TMZ (Yea them again) yesterday and the ones today say ummm nope not Abby’s body.  Same face, Same New Jersey Housewife bump in the hair but nope no way , not the same body. Sorry Abby didn’t float. Try a new turd.

th Rumors are also flying that my girl Miss Kendall K Vertes has booked a movie. Sent a message to Queen Momma Jill asking for verification but she did not answer. Hurt my feelings Queen Jill.  You know we love you and Kendall K. So spill it. Is she or  aint she in that movie or is someone hacking IMDb again.  Anyway sure hope my girl does some more work after Dance Moms because I don’t want to move to Pennsylvania to stalk her. It is way to cold up there for me and my delicate body cant handle cold. By the way isn’t that the same shirt Kenzie had on in a recent photo shoot in PA at her shared Birthday party?

Well that is enough hog wash for one night. When we know something for sure someone else will write about it because I just write about the juicy stuff and make folks wonder. I mean why should I be the only one staying awake at night wondering what on earth is true and what isn’t anymore.

Star of the Day : @Thaddeausek Thaddeaus Ek.

Thaddeaus Ek is an actor, known for As We Say Goodbye (2016), Gunwalkers (2017) and The Guitar (2017).  A rising Star we want to pay tribute to today
By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

You may recognize Thaddeaus at the adorable little boy who has Doritos on the school bus and gets mobbed. When he gets off the bus you have to laugh when he hands his mom the bag and says “you Make friends”. He appears in several other commercials as well as acting as mentioned above
Not only is he an actor but he has his own band and sings as well as playing the piano.   Triple threat on the way? We think so.

on set the guitar

On set Filming Indie film “The Guitar”

Big Bear lake filming a music video with Chase Kuker for Adrian Rodriguez new song dropping in early 2017!

Thaddeaus is just like other boys when not working he likes to read books, play legos, play baseball, play piano, hang out at the pool with his friends  and draw cartoons.
Thaddeaus plays Dillon in “Gunwalkers”-Set in 2009 Baja Arizona against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Gunwalkers chronicles a string of violence following the U.S. Government’s release of more than 2,500 guns to known criminals.

Follow Thaddeaus on Twitter to stay up with what he is doing next. What ever it is we know he will put his all into it and make it a big success.

Star of The Day @WylieSofia Sofia Wylie

Sofia Wylie our Star pick of the Day by: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

Sofia Wylie is currently playing the role of Buffy on the Disney Channels Andi Mack Show. She is vivacious, funny, cute and brings a lot to the show with her character of Buffy. As Andi’s best friend Sofia keeps things interesting.
The beautiful young actress is more than just a pretty face though.  Check out her you tube channel and watch her dance:

Sofia  has been featured in music videos, appeared in Kidz Bop commercials, and performed on the stage of Radio City Music Hall for an America’s Got Talent live show. . She became a brand ambassador for Sadie Jane Dancewear and Kurveshop Dancewear. She made an appearance in a season two episode of the Nickelodeon series School of Rock and earned a recurring role as the character June on the series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.  Sofia has appeared on national commercials showcasing her triple threat abilities in dancing, singing and acting! She has performed on stage with Justin Bieber on his World Tour.  And all of this by the age of 13 year old.
Sofia loves to dance and is happy to have a good balance between acting and dancing. When on break from the show she loves going home to Arizona and hanging out with her dance friends while brushing up on her dancing skills. She is hoping that Buffy gets to do some dancing on the show. So do we Sofia. So Do we.
Check out Sofia’s role as Buffy on Disney Channels Andi Mack show. The show is something different from what Disney normally produces and has become one of our favorite shows to watch together. It more accurately portrays real life challenges of tweens and teens today with a touch of innocence and bold statements at the same time. It also does not shadow real life problems but puts it right out there and shows Sofia helping her friend deal with them.  We are hoping this show is the gateway to Disney doing more real life shows in the future for kids, tweens and teens. The world is changing and we are happy to see Disney changing with it with this break out show of Andi Mack and showcasing this wonderful cast of young talent.

1Sophia on the red carpet with Chloe Lukasiak

2Fans of all ages love her

thW0BGEUJ9With Andi Mack cast mates

4Yes she is and we are happy she is a Disney Kid now.

Who is Chalet Lizette Brannan? She is Our Star of the Day.

Chalet Lizette Brannan is an Inspiration, A role model and some one everyone should get to know and Support :  By Sabrina Culpepper -Junior Hollywood Reporter


Not only is this young lady well mannered and polite taking time from her busy schedule to thank everyone on Social Media who mentions her or supports her but she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.  There are many reasons this young lady is so popular and well loved, but like her acting career the list is to long to write out. Lets just start with the fact that she is such a nice person and treats her fans with respect and dignity. She does not pick and choose who she feels like thanking but actually takes the time to thank all she sees saying anything about her on Social Media.  Not only that she is a Florida Girl so she is automatically someone we want to know more about and hope you will take the time to follow her amazing career.
Chalet has acted in a list of things longer than my lifespan.

Chalet is known for many things amongst which is her charity work with Children fighting cancer like she did. That is right. Chalet beat Stage 4 cancer and came back strong.  She did not let it get the best of her. So next time you feel like life has you down think of this inspirational young lady and get up and get going.  Never feel sorry for yourself when you have so much to give to the world and yourself. Most articles start out with Chalet beat cancer at age 10 but we don’t think the cancer defines her. We think the fight and determination to win defines who she is.  She is someone who will never let anything thrown at her get her down because she knows she is a fighter who can win.

Chalet  started out with modeling at age 6. At age 7, she was asked to read lines for a feature film. She has performed in westerns, drama, psychological thrillers, horror, comedy and many more.   And I imagine we will be hearing so much more about her for many years to come because this girl has the drive, determination and talent to make it all the way in this industry.
What ever she decides to do in the future we wish her all the best and thank her for showing us nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Exclusive! Breaking News!! You Saw It Here First!

An Unsolicited Response by: Carlos Rodriquez for Junior Hollywood Reporter

How many times have we seen these headlines and click on them only to read news that is a week old.  Exclusive has come to mean everything everyone else reported weeks ago and you are just now catching up to copy other reports.
Breaking news!  President Abraham Lincoln Shot and killed. Well it might as well say that because some of the breaking news click bait is about that old. Not really but it is annoying as hell to see breaking news that everyone else reported on days ago.
If you want to be the first with a story put in the work and get that story but stop using click bait to draw people to your site with old news and rehashing to death what everyone else is posting.

Pet Peeve number 101.

Maddie Ziegler on Trashing Dance Moms By: Chelsea Green-Guest Reporter.

Guest reporter and journalist student gives her views for Junior Hollywood Reporter. If at anytime you would like to contribute an article to us we will review it and either reject it or give you a forum to show your writing skills. We will not post racist, sexist, sexual or targeted hate blogs at any time.
Junior Hollywood Reporter takes no credit for content submitted by guest reporters and may not always agree of disagree with their views. However we will always respect their right to state their opinions in writing on our forum if Clean and appropriate to publish. We believe all sides of a story should be told. We ask that you send the article using windows 10 or in a message that can be copied and pasted. As you can see by this article it did not format correctly with windows 10 and we apologize for the fonts but this is as clean a copy as we could get without retyping which we absolutely never want to do. We want the wording to be the writers and to much chance of error if we retype it.

    It has been no secret that Maddie Ziegler is glad to have her Dance Moms days behind her. The young dancer whose career catapulted overnight. after being featured in the Sia videos, credits Sia with her success. However, if you take the time to look back on how Maddie got started in her career, you would see that Abby Lee Miller is the one who should get credit for Maddie’s career.


At the onset of Dance Moms, no one even knew about Maddie Ziegler. She was just a young dancer from a small town in PA. It was Abby, who pushed and pulled to make sure that Maddie was featured as her number one dancer on the show, who deserves credit for Maddie’s career. Young Ziegler speaks about how the collaboration with Sia came about. Apparently, Sia, a big fan of the show, saw Maddie dancing and knew it was Maddie she wanted for her video. Now, some say that Abby has nothing to do with Maddie’s career, but let’s take another look. Abby was the one who made sure Maddie got extra lessons, the most solos, best costumes and was allowed to pursue jobs outside the show, when the other girls were forced to stick to Abby’s strict contract. It was revealed by several people that when producers called for a dancer that Abby would only send Maddie for auditions. She pulled in all kinds of favors and got Maddie interviews and appearances that none of the other girls were allowed out of their contracts with Miller to do pursue. Miller even went to judges to call in favors to reverse scores so that Ziegler could be the clear winner. All of these things made Maddie into a star.

At the end of season 6.5 the Zieglers pulled up stakes and left Dance Moms. Supposedly it was implied that this was due to Maddie having to turn down jobs due to her being on the show. However, we now know that this was in connection to Miller’s financial problems for which there were rumors that the Ziegler’s mother, Melissa. might be connected to and could possibly be convicted.
For Maddie to go on camera to say her life on the show was “the worst” goes to show her lack of appreciation for a woman who spent the majority of a decade promoting Maddie and molding her into being a star. Has Maddie let fame go to her head? Has she put her friendships with the girls behind her and forgotten the love and support of a teacher who clearly loves Maddie. Hollywood is full of child stars who went wrong when the fame went to their head and they forgot one important lesson, humility.

The Lonely Trolls

What I discovered about Internet trolls in my year of being undercover in internet groups.  By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

According to a definition by Princeton, Internet trolls are individuals who purposely post inflammatory, off topic or extraneous posts on websites in an effort to stir up drama or harass other members. It is important to define the Internet troll as an important factor in maintaining the cyber safety of children.

We have monitored many groups on Facebook for a year and other Social media for the past six months. We had family and friends assist us with this monitoring and keeping detailed notes for all of us to compare.  We  learned a great deal about people who troll groups.  Some of them have so many fake accounts we are sure they have spread sheets to keep track of the names they use and the passwords for the accounts.
You may be surprised to learn that most trolls are not Teens or even young adults but are senior citizens. Now I say most, not all.   You have some teens who are sitting home alone with no friends and the only way to talk to someone is to go online and join groups. Same with the older trolls.  Trolls are actually very lonely desperate people seeking attention or someone to talk to them any way they can get it. Some actually do suffer from one form of mental illness or another but most are just negative people seeking attention or some one to talk to. They have learned that being negative and nasty gives them the most comments on a post that they can keep going back to and commenting again on.
One thing we learned by joining these groups is everyone loves to call out the trolls.  They will tell you who they really are and even post family pictures they got from their pages. Tell you where they live, where their husbands work, that their teen children have been arrested for vandalism while they sat on the computer trolling groups, their married children have nothing to do with them, send out mass private group messages telling you who is who.  But what is so funny is while one person lets call Bill is telling everyone who Jane is and all her private information, Jane is in another private message telling everyone who Bill is.  Neither one has a clue they have been told on yet.
And No one knows if Jane and Bill are real accounts or just another one of the trolls many accounts. Some of the trolls have even formed little groups to plan out what they will do, who they will be, and so forth. Only problem with that is it might last forever, it might last a few months, or it may even go on without anyone getting mad and leaving. But once one person leaves they notify as many people as they can in writing who the other people are and all their fake accounts.

Some trolls actually run the groups and what their group members do not know is they have a separate hidden group for the moderators of this group to go in and talk about the members of the group and label people as trolls, haters, spies, etc.  Yes another thing the troll who left them tells on them.  Also that the mean trolls who everyone left their group because they are so nasty to people and about celebrities are actually the same nice trolls running the new group you just joined to get away from their evil accounts under another name.   Its all a pretty busy job if you ask me. They do not just do this 8 hours a day but most only sleep a few hours at a time because they are paranoid someone else will find out who they are, will start a group to compete with theirs, or say something they will miss that would be  a red signal warning that they are one of the enemy group trolls. Yes, they actually compete against each other. But most of the time
The most brutal of these trolls are reality show groups. They will attack simply if someone is more popular and they want to run them off.  They will attack if someone seems to be liked by other moderators of the group and work with a vengeance to turn them against this member. They will make up things and lie to the death to get rid of this person.
Little Grandma Sally is home alone and lonely,  she sees a group about one of her favorite shows and she joins it.  Little does she know it is run by trolls who do not like the fact that Grandma Sally is well liked by other members of the group. She is kind and never has a harsh word against anyone and always tries to calm the group down when someone starts fighting over something on the show.  Little grandma Sally has to go. Why? Because she is calming the group from fighting with the moderators fake accounts they post in their own groups with. So what do they do? They start attacking Grandma Sally having her in tears. She did nothing at all wrong but she is suddenly being accused of being Lucifer Two a well known troll. Even though she has never even heard of this person she is now being told to the group of friends she had for a brief time on the internet that this is one of Lucifer Two’s fake accounts. I use Lucifer Two because when a troll attacks someone they always accuse them of being the most hated troll out there. I have no idea if there is really a troll account using that name. But if there is shame on them for using such a scary name.
Before you know it not only has Grandma Sally left the group she has left the social media setting altogether and sits home crying trying to figure out what she ever did to deserve such cruelty towards her. More lonely than ever but now mistrusting of everyone and afraid of the internet.
We learned that when someone jumps out and accuses an innocent person of being a troll it is normally the one doing the accusing who is the troll.  It is amazing to us how many people have the time to sit online all day every day and night causing problems and being so negative. We have any where from five to ten people at a time on our accounts and it is hard sometimes to have it covered. ( And no they are not all the same person)
We wonder do their spouses know how they behave? Do their families? What about the children they are ignoring to support other kids on TV they will never meet much less be responsible for taking care of?  We wonder what has driven society to sit in the house all the time on the computer seeking attention and fake fame. By fake fame I mean why do they need to be the first to post something about a certain star? why do they need to have so many people they will never know or meet tell them how great they are for posting things? Why do they pretend to have an insider working with them in the industry when in fact they get the same info anyone else can get offline only the other people are actually enjoying life and not sitting on a computer 24/7 seeking attention. And when they do get an insider they immediately go into these group messages telling everyone who their insider is getting them higher status in the group.
We have been attacked many times by someone calling us a troll. We have several others contact us telling us to ignore them because the account they are accusing us on is one of that same trolls accounts and they know that person is actually the troll. Mind Blown because for all we know the person messaging us telling us they know the accuser is a troll could be one of the same persons many fake accounts.
So the best advice we can give you if you are ever attacked by one of these people is to expect many of them to come after you. But don’t worry to much because all the accounts attacking you are likely one and the same person.  We were told by one former troll that they log in on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone to post stuff so it looks like they are all online at the same time and different people. They log in under different browsers on each account and that is why some respond faster than others. Feel sorry for them, report them, block them and go on with your life but never let them accuse you of being who they are and leave because they get a sick sense of satisfaction that they ran you off.  Stand your ground because you are not the one in the wrong here.  Don’t engage and fight with them because this is what the lonely troll wants. You can feel sorry for a bum on the street but that does not mean you make them your BFF. Same with a lonely no life troll.
Some say the internet is the only life a troll has. I have to say that is by choice. Get up, get out, walk around the block, If you are home bound pick up a book and enrich your mind with something other than the internet. Join a seniors group, volunteer, do something other than obsessing over a TV show, reality star, singer, dancer, what ever it is.   Get a hobby. Spend your time on line searching for ways to recycle things in your home and get busy doing something. If your hands work well enough to type 24/7 then they certainly work well enough to do a craft.
If you are being attacked by an internet troll do not give them one second of time responding to them. Block them and let them go wallow in their hatred elsewhere. Just keep living your life and be thankful you have it because for  the troll attacking others it is the only life they have.
We are fully aware we will get attacked for posting this article. But pay close attention to who is attacking us.  Watch how they post. Write down the names. Keep track because I promise you the worst of the trolls will not be happy knowing they were spied on and busted.  No we are not naming names at this time. Because we have more important fish to fry and because there is a time and place for everything.   We may never win this battle with trolls but the war will be won with facts when the time is right.
Below are some links we hope will help you better understand how to deal with trolls. But most of all remember one thing please. You did nothing wrong to deserve to be attacked. The problem is not yours. You did not create it or deserve it you were singled out by a sick minded person with no life.



Grace Vanderwaal Releases New Single

Imagine being a quirky adorable 12 year old sitting in your bedroom making up songs to sing and decide you know what I want to go on America’s got Talent just to see if anyone likes my singing. You don’t even tell your friends and school mates you like to sing and the next thing you know you don’t have to tell them because everyone in America is talking about you.  Not only did Grace Vanderwaal go on the show she won it hands down.

This little pixie of a girl stepped up to the mic and started singing “I don’t know my name” and suddenly the entire country knew her name and face and were not likely to forget it any time soon. Her song was not only self written but it came at a time when American Youth needed someone to look up to and realize they were not alone in this world with not knowing who they were or where they were going. But they found hope in Grace. If this girl can get up in front of millions and sing they could do what ever they needed to do to get through life too.
Winning AGT changed this little girls life. She went into online courses being homeschooled and started traveling the country not only writing and singing songs but recording them as well. She post her songs on her youtube channel and the fans kept flocking in.
Grace has a unique voice. Not every one gets it.  But when she opens her mouth to sing you hear an old soul escaping her mouth and if you had your eyes closed you would never guess it was a young girl singing. There is just something different about her tone and raspy voice that catches your attention.
Grace is now 13 years old and has traveled the world. She has produced albums and is set to star in a documentary about her budding music career.  I bet when she walked on that stage of Americas Got Talent she never imagined how much her life was about to change forever.
Her newest release moonlight is  proof Miss Grace Vanderwaal will be around for a long time sharing her amazing talent with us.


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