A Legend Already: Bailee Madison

A lot of things have changed over the years with Bailee Madison but one thing remains the same. That face and smile.  She could not hide in a crowd of a million people because she has a certain look to her no one can replicate.
We asked some of Bailee’s fans recently what is it about her that keeps them interested and just about everyone said the same things. Talent. This girl is overloaded with talent.  Some said the innocent appearance she has, the fact that she has remained true to herself and did not feel like she had to be a Hollywood sell out like most girls who by the age of 12 are trying to be sex sirens for roles.
I will go as far as saying Bailee Madison can play everything from a Nun to a Serial killer and make you believe that is what she is.  Bailee Madison is extremely talented and we think she will be a Hollywood Legacy in her lifetime .That is a lot to say for someone so young.
Bailee currently stars on The Good Witch along with Catherine Bell and James Denton on the Hallmark Channel. I don’t know about you guys but to me Hallmark is right up there With Disney. You make it big on either channel and you are set for life.  One has to wonder when does this girl rest. She is in one thing after the other it seems.
Bailee starred with Natalie Portman in the movie Brothers and had everyone so engrossed in her acting it is no wonder she has been in high demand. She delivers with each and every performance.  The list of things she has done go on forever and I imagine by the time she is ready to retire it will be one of the longest in Hollywood history.
Bailee is also now trying her hand at directing.
She is currently filming The Strangers 2 and we cant wait to see it.
We have followed several of Bailee’s fans on social media and by far the best source of information is @BaileeFanofCACV  on twitter. They are devoted to Bailee’s career and many times post things before the media does.  Don’t ask me how these people get info but it is super cool to see such dedicated fans supporting this young actress.
We recently did a give away of A Cowgirls story on Twitter and to date it was our best contest.  This was Bailee’s movie and an excellent cast  made this video a stand out winner.
We know in her near future we will see Bailee Madison taking the stage at all the awards shows because she is young, determined and talented beyond belief. She will last a long time in this industry and remain true to who she is doing it.

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News and Gossip by: Carlos Rodriquez-Featuring #DanceMoms, #JoJoSiwa, #MaddieZeigler, #KenzieZeigler, #ChloeLukasiak, #Descendants2, and more

I don’t know what it is about Gossip but I just love it .And I am having I will gather some loyal like  minded followers for my gossip Section.  Hold on here it comes.

It’s Abby Lee Miller Time

That’s right Miss Abby lee Miller has gone to Jail after a delay. I know that is old news but what is just creeping me out is that she either has someone posting messages for her or she gets a limited amount of Social Media time. I can see computer time but honestly Social Media time for Convicts just blows my mind.
Logging onto Social Media and having a tweet show up on Abby’s account saying what are you doing today? Just sort of makes my skin crawl. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Miss Abby off this show and would love to be her pen pal if I knew how but come on Abby it is like getting a message that your in the tunnel on the way out.

Descendants 2 Aired Last Night

Yasssssssssssss I loved it and want three to be out like today!! The choreography and costumes were all amazing and the acting on spot. I loved every single second of it. Only bad thing is if they wait for years to put it out I would expect the cast to all be married and have children by then. And I am ashamed to admit I never knew that Dove Cameron or Sophia Carson could sing like that.  I know now and I am a huge fan.

JoJo Siwa

Girl that candle will meet in the middle if you don’t slow down. She has filmed her new Docu-special for Nickelodeon  and it airs August 2 @ 8pm  Walk into Walmart and wham everything is JoJo. JoJo Posters, JoJo bows, JoJo dolls, and just how did they manage to get that to sound just like her anyway? JoJo cups, JoJo Part supplies, JoJo nail kits, JoJo lip gloss.  Walmart might as well change their name to JoJo’s World.  I know because we just spent 185.00 just on JoJo gifts for my nieces birthday. That did not include any of the party supplies.
JoJo also had a role in Nicks Summer Camp movie and she did an excellent job. Those adorable facial expressions of hers got me.
JoJo is a good kid. You know if I were her I would not blink at some of those Dance Moms girls who want to jump on the JoJo bandwagon now that she is outshining them. Remember the rude mean things they said.  Hey JoJo you wont even shut up if they poured water on you and you call up people and ask for things for Free. Well guess what honey.  Now they might be calling you up. Pour water on them girlfriend. Pour water on them.

Chloe Lukasiak

Same advice sister, slow down some.  WOW Chloe has a web series coming out but she also just did promos for Disney for the Descendants 2 movie.  Sure would love to see Chloe have a role in part three if it is coming out anytime soon.
All the magazines love Chloe because she is stunning at every event you see her go to. This girl can dress.  would you mind giving my sister some pointers please?
Chloe has a new webseries coming out on Lifetimes youtube channel in two days Called Chloe Does it. She asked fans what they would like to see her do and then did it. Seems a lot of the same things we asked to see some little girl was taped saying that is what they want to see her do too. Ok so I am not a cute ten year old girl but I can be your man any day any time. You just name when and where.
Chloe has a new clothing line coming out and my sister and her friends are sitting on pins and needles waiting to buy them. I mean come on have you ever seen anyone who can dress like Chloe does. I think if you put a gray sack on her and tied it with a pink ribbon Chloe would make it look amazing.  Then in January she has a new book coming out called Girl on Pointe  and we have already preordered two of them.  One for us and one for our fans as a contest prize.  All this while filming yet another short film and I believe she recently said she had two more movies coming.  WOW Girl you are on fire!!

Maddie Zeigler and Sia

Rumors are they have begun working on Sia’s project and Maddie is pretty busy with this. Maddie also has a second book coming out and is working on her dancing with various choreographers.
Maddie’s boyfriend Jack came across the pond to visit her for a few weeks again recently and the groups were going wild about how inappropriate they act. Give me a break.  Do you remember being her age and having a boyfriend. Don’t tell me you never kissed or hugged him.
Maddie’s clothing line is coming to Kohl’s. Ours does not have them yet but we keep checking.

MacKenzie Zeigler

I don’t care what anyone says I have loved Kenzie since before she got teeth and still love her.  She does sometimes try to act a bit over her age but she lives in a grown up world so that is to be expected.
Kenzie has a new song out and it is goooooooddddddd. I love her voice without all that horrible auto tuning they used before.  Kenzie has dropped two new songs recently Monsters aka haters and Teamwork. I like them both but loved teamwork.
She also has a book coming out, well they called it a novel but has she lived long enough to write a novel?  The book is called “Kenzie’s Rules for Life: How to be Happy, Healthy, and Dance to Your Own Beat.”
Kenzie is also putting out a clothing line, Have they all now done one? I think so.
Kenzie has been touring with Johnny Orlando on the “Day and Night” tour. Come on who else has done all this and just turned 13.
My Grandma loves Kenzie to death so hey Melissa if you ever want to hire someone to travel with the girl Grandma is your lady!!! She would die on the spot.  Just kidding. But she would be one happy lady.

So you tired of old news and ready for some gossip?? Yea I thought so. No facts verified here yet but the rumor mill is running hot and heavy.
One of the insiders that talks to the Dance Moms and gets scoops has leaked in a private message that two of these moms marriages are on the rocks and heading to divorce court. I wont name names because if any of them confided that to us we would not breath it until they gave the go. Just want them to know some of their sources love to get attention by spreading rumors about them.
Rumors are that Kendall Vertes might be getting a movie. Her sister has a new show coming up on lifetime and I saw one adversment saying featuring Ryleigh Vertes so not sure how that worked out. Kendall is back dancing with Studio 19 in PA and will have a spot on one of Chloe Lukasiaks web shows. What ever you decide to do Kendall we all love you and will always be in your corner.

Kalani Hilliker has put out some beautiful dance wear and Lilly Ketchman has put out an adorable line as well.   Kalani will be judging the Miss Teen USA contest in AZ.  I am not sure why it will be live on Facebook instead of streaming or on TV but right now sources say it will be on Facebook. Um ok. We do not have a Facebook account and still don’t want one.

Well that is all for now. Will have your social calendar coming up of events for August and September in the next few days hopefully.



Chloe Lukasiak- Maddie Zeigler Rivalry lives On-Or Does It?

Yes it does live on because the fans keep flaming the fires. Is there even a rivalry at all? Do the girls not speak to each other? All these experts who live with these girls daily or so it seems think they know it all. I am calling publicity on this one-Written by: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Swift and Katie Perry started a new trend going that seems the fans of Dance Moms have decided needed to be used to boost their favorite girl on the show.  For years we have heard how Chloe is jealous of Maddie, How Maddie is jealous of Chloe.  Are they? I don’t think so. These two girls walk such different paths in Hollywood it is likely they never even cross paths unless they are at the same events. And that is not likely to happen often unless it is something like Nia’s birthday party.
Maddie fans immediately took to social media and said that Chloe left because Maddie was there and some of the click bait rag mags picked up on it and ran with it. If you take the time to examine things you might be wondering who left first?  You see there is a photo (that is worth a thousand words) of Chloe being interviewed outside. Look behind her . There is Maddie exiting the building. Was she leaving?  If people wanted to start unfounded rumors against Maddie they could say well here is proof that Maddie is leaving and not Chloe.    Also they say Chloe refused to have pictures taken with Maddie.
How about this.  Nia is a friend of both girls.  Out of respect for their friendship with Nia all the girls showed up. Chloe looked amazing because she was on her way to another event and stopped to show respect to Nia. She was already gone when the group pictures were taken.   Maddie had been at Radix all week end and came straight from there still in her dance clothes.  When have you ever seen Maddie not look her best at any event? Come on. Think. Stop making assumptions. They stopped by out of respect for their friendship for Nia.
Why must fans tear these girls down to build up the other one. It is not building the other one up at all. It makes them look bad to hiring agents who do not want hate filled groups jinxing their projects. BOTH girls.  Leave them alone and if you like what they are doing support it. If you don’t then don’t support it. simple fix.  But no one has a right to go on social media 24/7 and slander either of these girls. They did nothing to deserve it and if this is how you honor them giving up their lives to entertain you then you my friend are not a fan. You are a troll.
Maddie fans say she is better because she has done this, that or the other with Sia. Yes she has. Who else has she danced in videos for? If Sia stopped using her tomorrow who would she dance for or has she been labeled mini Sia?  Think about things logically.  Why hasn’t she danced in other videos?  Chloe has danced for several artist in videos but Maddie fans tear that down and say she is not dancing for big stars.  She does not work with big stars like Maddie did in the book of Henry.
Excuse me? Have you never heard of Bailee Madison, Nicole Muñoz ,Peter Gallagher , or the host of stars in Center Stage on Pointe.
Maddie fans even went so far as to put bad reviews on the two movies Chloe did calling out Chloe as the only bad actor in the films. Anyone reading those reviews immediately know those are the hate filled Maddie fans doing that.
Yes, we did not like the Book of Henry. Not because Maddie as in it but because she was not in it enough and the story line just did not mesh.  The story is about Henry and Christina.  Henry dies in the beginning and Christina is barely seen in the movie. What was that? We felt let down that she did not have a bigger role especially considering the price of a movie ticket for her fans who supported this movie buying tickets to barely see her.
My point is both girls are working with famous people. Both girls are doing what they want to do.  If one happens to be dancing more and the other is acting more then that is what they want to do.
Maddie fans say that Chloe doesn’t deserve dance awards because she is not even dancing.  How many of you live with her? stalk her? what ever that you know whether she is taking dance lessons or not?  You follow these dance moms accounts who all swear they have an insider telling them every thing. A few of us do have someone inside and a few of us out of respect do not post things until the girls publicist or they themselves release it.  Because it is not about scooping anyone else. It is about telling the fans what they are doing in a respectful manner.
But the majority of these accounts spend their lives on their computers stalking others accounts so they can hurry and publish what they see others post. Whether it is verified or not.
To be honest I can not verify if Maddie and Chloe hate the sight of each other or not.  I don’t think it is my place to because only Maddie and Chloe can do that.  Have the two fandoms ever considered these two girls do not want to be seen together because they might lose fans over it?  The hatred in the fandoms is so strong they know some of their fans will turn on them if they are friends.  Imagine that.  You the fan are keeping them apart not any stupid non existent rivalry over some fake competitions on a fake reality show.
Some insiders have even hinted that some of the most hateful fans are on payroll and encouraged to keep the rivalry going to keep the girls in the limelight.  I have no proof of this just like others putting the rivalry in writing have any proof there is one.  But it sure sounds possible.
How about this both fandoms kill the hate and let these girls enjoy their careers, their own circles of friends, possibly get more work because the fandoms wont be attacking and take off with amazing careers.  And if one or both say look I want to take a year off and just be a normal teen and go to school, prom, graduate with my friends I grew up with and start college then support that decision because at the end of the day you truthfully have no say in their lives.
If you can not be a true supportive fan without tearing down other girls on the show then maybe your fandom would be more appreciated at WWE where everyone talks smack about each other.
I know I am tired of the insanity that full grown adults have perpetrated on this show and am sure others are as well.   Spend time with your family instead of sitting on line calling these girls mothers names and trying to think you have some control over their lives. Try to imagine how your child would feel if people were saying the same things about you.  Either grow up or move on please, just give these girls respect they deserve. Both of them have amazing careers if they decide this is what they want. If they don’t then back off and let them live their own lives.

Chloe Lukasiak Has a New Web Series Coming July 24,2017

News from the Cast of Lifetime TV’s hit show Dance moms from the Biggest fan on staff- Dawn Vallarta

No, It is not Christmas morning but being a huge fan of the show Dance Moms on lifetime TV I am just like a kid waiting for Christmas.
Chloe Lukasiak has a new Web Series coming on the Lifetime You Tube Channel called Chloe Does it.  She released a sneak peak showing some of the things she will be doing including dancing on top the Empire State Building, Visiting the zoo with family and a sleep over with Kendall Vertes another of my favorites from Dance Moms.
They say they are going live on Monday and Wednesday only problem is they have already  been taped but no fears if you have classes and miss them they will run them again pre dance moms shows beginning August 8
I like that Chloe asked her fans what she should do and allowed them to be part of her process on deciding which one she would do. Chloe is always keeping her fans feelings in mind and striving to be a good role model to young girls everywhere.

Chloe has a lot going on this year and I am excited for all of it because like most I am watching the calendar. I fully expect Chloe to leave the public life once it is time for her to go to College and just enjoy that part of her life. She gave up so much for her fans by not returning to her school and friends and come back to the fans. I know that had to be a hard decision for her as much as she always loved School and her friends.  I am glad she did continue to share but would completely support her decision if she decided she wanted to go back to high school and graduate with her friends I would be the first one to cheer her on.  We all love Chloe and only want what makes her the happiest.

Make sure to tune in and support yet another adventure in Chloe’s life she is sharing with us and keep your eyes open for her new clothing line coming out. I know I am holding off buying any new clothes right now because I want to have the entire Chloe Collection!!

Chloe is also featured on the August issue of Girls life magazine. They did a very nice write up about her with pictures. It is on stands now and you know I already bought it the day it came out.  Go get yours.

And don’t forget to preorder Chloe’s book on Amazon Girl on Pointe, See I told you the girl has a lot going on.

Keep Going Chloe, The world is yours!!

Review Despicable Me 3

This review is solely based on my opinion of this movie and does not reflect on anyone else reviews. By: Dawn Vallarta

Wait for the video and rent it instead of buying it.  I am a huge Minion fan and this movie just made we want to go to sleep.  There are very little Minions on this movie at all. What you see in the trailers and commercials is it.
Gru finds out he has a twin brother and his parents divorced splitting up the boys with each taking one. When the father dies the brother Dru reaches out to Gru to come and help train him to be a villain. How ever Gru has gone to the good side now.
They battle the Villain Balthazar Bratt for control of a pink diamond that has been stolen causing Gru and lucy to be fired.
The daughter are here and adorable as ever but there are not enough Minion shots and when there are it seems like two different movies were spliced together to add them.
Some may love it but for me less is more and they should have stopped at 2. This is a big let down.


Netflix Review- #Free Rein @netflix

The opinions expressed in this blog are ours only and do not reflect those of others who may have watched and reviewed this series on Netflix By: Dawn Vallarta

What do you do when you have a group of friends together on a stormy week end in Florida? You can’t go to the beach. The lightening here will make you get on your knees and pray for safety , so we binge watched something that had one season on Netflix. We chose Free Rein because  a) It looked upbeat and b) We wanted something to keep us absorbed and not noticed the storms that had fried the cable box.

Free Rein is now one of our favorite new shows to watch and we cant wait for it to come back on with season two.
Zoe played by Jaylen Barron brings life to this movie and makes you feel like you know her and her struggles.  Her parents are having a hard go of it so her mom takes Zoe and her little sister to England to visit their grandfather. Zoe immediately meets and falls in love with a troubled horse that only she can get to calm down.
I don’t want to tell you all the story lines because this is one you want to watch. Trust me on this one.  But the plot involves family dynamics, friendships, horse thieves, young love, visiting your past and over coming fears you buried there and of course mean girl drama.
I will say that not one of us above intelligent people watching ever figured out who the real horse thief was and were all sitting with our jaws on the floor when it was revealed.
We guessed every one but the right one.
This show has some beautiful country scenes that make you want to call a travel agent and get there at once.
So next time you are sitting home bored or have to stay inside for any reason check out Free Rein on Netflix and enjoy a day of binge watching a good lighthearted show that just makes you glad you watched it.
Creators Vicki Lutas, Anna McCleery did a splendid job on this one.

A Child Needs You -Jordan’s Smile

Jordan Keffer just had his sixth birthday.  He is a little boy in a small rural town in Virginia who suffers Facial Palsy.  He needs your help to have surgery and a smile.
By: Carlos Rodriguez for Junior Hollywood Reporter.
Link to Jordan’s Social Media

Why is it when stars need help people flock to get noticed by donating but when a normal little kid needs help everyone acts like they never saw the post. Right now social media is flooded with voting for a teen choice award but people will not share a child’s story.
Celebrities ignore a request to just mention the kid and get him out there so that others might be willing to help yet when it comes to their charity they want to be recognized and they are all over the place posting to fans to help them.
Sometimes it  is not about you. Sometimes it is just about helping a kid in need. Sometimes it is not about showing off your newest clothes but instead donating to help a child.  Sometimes there are other people in this world besides you who could use a helping hand.
How many of you donate to Children’s hospitals? Well one we used to donate to turned this child down a month before holding a big charity walk to raise money. Stop kidding yourself. If they turn kids away because they can’t pay then that money you donate to build a name for yourself is not helping the kids.
Come on people let’s bring attention to a kid who needs some help!! For Once do something without doing it to be noticed and if you want to be noticed then bring your camera crew and publicist with you. I am sure his family will not care how he gets the help as long as he gets it.
He just wants to be able to smile like everyone else. Will you be part of the reason he can or will you just ignore him because he wont bring you fame?
He just wants to be able to smile like his brothers and sister. He doesn’t want to go through the rest of his life with people saying why does your face look like that. Can you imagine at six years old knowing maybe if I don’t smile people wont notice I am different? People wont make fun of me?
People will flock to movies to see Jason Tremblay play  a kid with a deformed face and that movie will make millions yet they wont donate the price of that movie ticket to help this child?
What is wrong with his world?

Will you donate the price of a movie ticket to help Jordan smile like his brothers and sister? Go fund me links can be found on his social media as well as contact information for the family.


When Death Visits

When Death visits is my first blog since my father’s death.
By: Dawn Vallarta

On May 2, 2017 my life changed forever. My dad was having back problems and going to the chiropractor for over a year.  On May 2nd he was hurting to bad he could barely walk but went in for an adjustment.  Since it had gone on so long and nothing they did at the chiropractor gave him any relief but made it hurt worse they decided he should see an Orthopedic doctor. This doctor ordered an MRI.  On May 4th he called him and told him to come back in.  They found something on his spine.
It took from May 4th to May 7th to get him into the hospital. I don’t know why but they said they had to wait for a bed in the one that might be able to do something for him. It doesn’t matter it could have been the same day and the outcome would be the same.
May 7, 2017 they told my dad he had lung cancer. And it had spread to other parts of his body. The  tumor on his spine was actually eating through his spine and it could snap at any second.  They gave him two days of radiation to shrink it but since his cancer was so wide spread they could not save him. 
My dad was put on inhalers and diagnosed with COPD three years ago. Three years. That is a long time to allow cancer to spread.  I guess the chest xray did not show what was there or something. 
My dad came home on May 9th and had to stay in bed most of the time.  He was in to much pain to sit for long.
May 11, 2017 my dad was sitting on his bed watching Jeopardy with me and my step mom when he stopped answering questions  and closed his eyes and left us.

I guess you can say I was angry. I had nine days to prepare for my father’s death. I was mad that he smoked when he was younger. I was mad that they could not fix him. I was mad that maybe the doctors made a mistake when they said he had COPD. I was mad that he was leaving me.  I guess in some ways I am still mad.
You see I know people mean well but telling me it will get easier as time goes by is not helping me. My mother died when I was six years old and now my father is gone too.  I love my grandparents and have lived with them most summers of my life but it is not the same. I know my dad wants me to be happy and go on with my life because he told me I had to keep going to not let him dying change me.
But it has changed me. Cancer might kill the person who has it but it slowly kills those affected by it a little each day.
When people tell you things and they will trust me. Don’t get mad at them and try to understand they just don’t know how to help you.  But some suggestions I would like to make that I find truly annoying are the following:

When a Child or anyone  is going through the death of a parent DO NOT:

1. Ask them did you see them die.
2. Tell them each day gets easier
3.  Tell them if they talk about it they will feel better. When they want to talk about it they will.
4. Say you cant believe how fast they died. Believe me no one is in disbelief more than the child.
5. Tell them they have to eat. they have to drink something they have to go on living. They are living just not the way they did before. they are trying to survive. They don’t need anyone hovering over them. Don’t tell them they will make themselves sick because the truth is their body and mind is in shock and when they can eat they will.
6. Don’t dwell on what has happened. They know better than anyone what has happened.

What you can do is:

1. Say you are sorry. Don’t say for their loss just say you are sorry.
2. Tell them when they want to talk you will be there for them.
3. Tell happy memories of funny things the person they loved did. Make them remember the good times.
4. Offer to fix them something when they want it. Don’t fix it and assume they want it or even like what you fixed.
5. Just sit next to them and be there close by if they want to talk.
6. Give them time to come out of shock. Everyone deals on different levels and will be moving back toward normal when they feel they can. If Normal ever returns to them at all but don’t force them to forget what happened. It will never happen.

I am lucky to have such wonderful loving family and friends but some who did not know me well enough said some pretty cruel things to me like why didn’t he know he was this sick? Why did he wait so long to get help? How come they couldn’t do anything for him? Don’t you think those exact questions have been running through my mind over and over. And oh yes the one I hate most is he was so young to die like this and now the poor girl is an orphan. Never ever say that because that comment cuts your heart into a million pieces when you hear someone say it.
Just think before speaking and imagine how would you want others to act toward you if you had this happen or worse if it was your child this happened to.  Just be kind people and remember no matter how sad you are for losing a friend his child is a zillion times sadder than you can ever imagine being.

It has been 11 years since my mother died and I still have memories of her.  Yes, I was younger and yes I survived it. But that is because I had the best dad/mom on earth. Now I do not have him but I know where ever he is he loves me still and watches over me. I will continue my life to make both my parents proud watching over me. But I will have to do it on my own time not on textbook or others expectations of time.
So when someone you know goes through this just be there. Be patient and understanding, don’t get mad when they don’t snap out of it when you think they should. And most of all let them know they are never going to be alone.

Summer Fun By: Sabrina C

We came up with a great idea for all kids from 8-19. What are you doing this summer?

How would you like to be featured in a youtube video? Send us a video of you doing something fun this summer and we might choose you or you and your friends to be featured on one of our new You Tube Videos.

Just introduce yourselves and say “Hi, my name is___________ and for the summer of 2017 I am_____________
You can be swimming, hiking, reading, going to camp, making slime, anything that is fun that other kids might want to go too.
Keep the videos short and fun don’t worry about making a long video because we can always combine several videos.
We would like to get our YouTube channel active and have not had time to do it so we thought hey lets give the kids a chance to do it.  So get those videos sent to us in a format we can save to movie maker and we will put you on You tube on our channel. Who knows you might get discovered. Do you dance? Sing? recite poems, volunteer?
Lets see what you are doing. Send video to link below. must have your parents say on email they give their permission for your video to be used by us.


Dear Twitter:

But my Dear Twitter:

Thank you for the new update so now I never know if I am on Instagram of twitter. Copy much? I also want to thank you for not giving us the edit feature with this update and removing the option to delete a tweet.
Now it looks like every illiterate moron on the surface of the earth uses twitter. But it is sort of fun. I mean when I get bored I just go through and try to guess what people meant to say.
And there is nothing like logging on to see you have 20 new messages. The adrenalin is rushing and I am thinking oh wow I am finally getting noticed on twitter. but sadly no, Do you know how many ways people can call you an idiot? I leaned 20 new ones.  My favorite was “Hey Cave man it is 2017, Why did you tweet something from 2015? I retweeted it thinking it was new. Thanks for making me look like an idiot” Welcome to my world buddy apparently is not the right response either.
Look I really don’t care about a cute curved rectangle to type my message in I can not edit or delete. I don’t think the new shape of the heart is that much of a stand out either. But could you just find a way to give us an edit after posting message. Can we have the delete option back? I don’t think that is asking for to much, do you? It should just be a simple code to insert right? I mean someone was smart enough to change the format surely they can come up with this option and give us back the delete option. You can have my bigger cuter (I suppose) Heart back if that would help. You can even have the curves back to my rectangle. I mean do people really tweet more because now they have curves.
So inclsing um clossssye  oh no, um closing yea that’s the word that I would not be able to fix on twitter.  Just give us an edit feature already and give us back delete I really don’t need 20 people telling me how stupid I am. And while it is great to get retweets it does nothing for me to get them being called an idiot. Look what this idiot did.
And please if you find typing errors in here just ignore them. I am writing as if I were on twitter with no way to edit.
Thank you for taking my request into consideration even though you likely will never see this but I got it off my chest.

Drake Culpepper
Junior Hollywood Reporter


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