A Simple Thank You goes a long way.

We have been covering the younger set in Hollywood.  I am amazed at which stars are constantly showing appreciation to their fans and which ones completely forget that a simple thank you goes a long way.
Have people forgotten without their fans they have no career?
You constantly see tweets about buy my new CD, Buy my new Video, go see my movie, buy my book.  Sort of sounds like they are commanding their fans to buy, buy, buy.  But you go look at their accounts and see they have sold millions but not one thank you guys I could not do it without you.
It seems fans spend more time tweeting about their favorite celebrity than the actual celebrity does. I realize many do not have time to spend on social media and others have paid people who take care of their social media accounts for them. You are being robbed because they are not supporting the people who support you.
I am not going to share names in this first blog because I am hoping it will be enough to just get them to open their eyes and realize they would not be where they are now without fans.
They may think I have a great publicist and agent and they will get me booked. Well guess what they wont get you many bookings when you lose the following you have because you are not thankful to those who put you where you are.
Think about that. Thank you does not take much time and wont even take up all your 140 characters. You can even copy and paste if you want to. Thank you to all my followers. You mean the world to me. See I just copied it and tweeted it. Feel free to do the same and thank your loyal supporters.  Will it hurt? No, not at all. Takes two seconds out of your life.
Thank you for reading and supporting us again. We are starting out a new adventure in Jr. Hollywood Reporting and cant do it without your tips and leads.  We get most of our news from our supporters by them telling us who they want to see. Not who is the big name at the time but the struggling new upcoming stars of tomorrow.


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