Debunking the Dissing in The Maddie Diaries.

Disclaimer: First of all we want to let all our supporters know how happy we are you have supported us and started following our new adventures in blogging and tweeting.
We also want you to know there are four friends who run this account. Drake C, Sabrina C, Ginger P and Dawn T.  Hi. I am Dawn. I will be writing this blog because I was the one chosen to read “The Maddie Diaries” and I am the one who is a fan of the show.  Do I have my favorites on the show? Yes, Do I dislike any of the girls on the show? No, maybe some of the moms but none of the girls deserve to be hated on. Their moms make decisions for them.
We started Junior Hollywood Reporter because there are a lot of teen reporters and magazines out there that ignore the kids who are not already big stars or have a TV series and we want to try to get some of them noticed. And we want to be impartial to the ones who are being used for click bait and try to give fair reports on them.
Two of us work on the blog, Three of us work on twitter and one of us is supposed to be running Facebook. I wont call HIM out here but that is not up and running yet. We are normal kids ranging in age from 14 to almost 20, like many of the fans of the kids on TV, YouTube or any other social media outlet trying to make a difference in the world of Hollywood . Just so happens none of us are stars of any kind, just fans.   We all want to own and run a newspaper. Maybe some magazines too.
Our blogs and tweets are our opinions and nothing more. If we have facts we will give the source at all times. Even if it means citing another magazine, paper or book.
So lets get started with my thoughts on “The Maddie Diaries”

First let me introduce you to a term called click bait. It is what some reporters use to get you to click on their article and read it.  If you see a head line that says Abby Miller beheads a student you will click on it. When in fact she pulled a bow out of a kids hair at a competition. it is speculated she did it because it was one of JoJo’s bows. Who knows. Maybe the producers told her to do it.
Now the headlines are Maddie Zeigler disses Abby Lee Miller. Maddie Zeigler throws shade on former dance teacher. Let’s see what are they basing this on. One statement. “IT was a lot of stress for an 11 yr old girl” Hello. It was a lot of stress on all the girls. Can you imagine if you were on this show and the way they portray your mothers? Yes, It is called dance moms instead of stage mom lunatics but come one what mom on that show has not been made to look like they need to be in a padded room at one time or another. I would be mortified. But each and every single one of them are dedicated to their child.  And who is to say if one of us were on that show our mom would not be crowned the new queen lunatic fighting to get us noticed.
But back to the book.  If you remember as a fan of the show dance moms we have heard it said over and over again they had to sign a confidentiality clause.  Did you ever stop to think that Maddie was not allowed to talk about Abby in the book? She can mention she went to that studio but as far as Abby goes she can not mention her without written permission or tell anything about her.  Not with a confidentiality clause signed. It is like a gag order. They put a gag over your mouth and you can not talk about them for any reason, Good, bad or indifferent.
Clearly those yelling Maddie did not even thank Abby have not read the whole book. Maddie does thank the ALDC, Collins Avenue and Lifetime and states if Dance moms had never happened she would not have had as many opportunities .  Truthfully she likely would never have been a star at all.  All you have to do is a little internet research to see every single network Maddie has been on are all tied together by one company  .  Sia would have never seen her dance on TV and made her a big video star. How is that dissing Abby. Abby is ALDC, Abby is Dance Moms.  What am I missing?  She was not ungrateful she did thank them and recognized that she would not be where she is without them.  Page 218 Paragraph 2.
I personally feel let down by this book. A memoir talks about your real life. It does not repeat everything that has already been put out there in print and on TV.  I wanted to hear about the real relationships on the show because the majority of people feel like Maddie’s best friends on the show were trying to use her for a step up.
The fact that Maddie has called so many adults her best friend is odd to most of us. But not to someone who has never been allowed to just be a kid. That is something  I would of loved to see in this book. How hard it was living in an adult world. What it felt like to be called a tween sex symbol after questionable photo shoots at the age of 11. Maddie was ripped apart for that. She was 11 years old. Remember her statement “It was a lot of stress on an 11 yr old” . Maddie was not 11 when she left the show. She was almost 14. The majority of the things she did that were called into question as being inappropriate for an 11 yr old is the stress Maddie refers to in her book in my opinion but everyone immediately assumes she means Abby.
Does anyone think Maddie does not know she would be a normal kid going to school in PA if it were not for Abby and Dance moms? How is she throwing shade on Abby. Think about it. Who had to sign giving permission for her to do those things? An agent can say I have this job but in the end the only one who says yes or no is the parents.
In her book Maddie praises Sia. In her interviews she praises Sia.  She said in one interview she can just be her self with Sia. She can be a goofy kid and enjoy life.  She does not have to be perfect. She does not have to be a winner. She does not have to make each and every move perfect. She can let go and feel the music and be what a dancer dreams of being. Free, one with the music.
Think back to earlier seasons when Maddie was sick. who told her to stop crying, she never misses dance, Who did she stand with and refuse to walk out when her mother demanded she go. Abby did not tell her to suck it up and get back in there and dance. Her mother did. She ran to Abby hugging her and telling her mom she was not leaving.   Abby may have made mistakes in pushing Maddie to the top of the pyramid every week and she might have pushed her to be a star but only one person was in control of all of that and could have said no, this is to much for her, at any time. Her mother never did.
I don’t think Maddie threw shade on Abby any where in this book. I did get the feeling a lot of this was not even contributed by Maddie but her mother.  It sounds exactly like her mom more than her. Just like the forward in Abby’s book was never written by that child because she did not speak that well when the book was written but her name was put on it.
All through this book Maddie defends her not letting what others say about her bother her. We all know she has to be bothered. What kid wouldn’t be bothered by the things people have said about her looks, etc.  There are a lot of adults on social media that are just full of pure hatred, bitterness and jealousy and they let this girl hold it every single day. Seems there were  two fan favorites, Maddie and Chloe and this divided the fan base. Both camps should be ashamed of their behavior but as someone who monitored many of the dance moms groups you realized they were just lonely people with no life looking for someone to spend time online with and would trash anyone the rest were trashing to get attention.
Maddie claims none of it bothered her but if it didn’t she has skin like an alligator because anyone regardless of their age would be bothered much less a kid from 8 to 14.
The book drops a lot of names of people she has worked with. People she wants to work with. and things she wants to do. Well first of all she has a lot of high hopes and dreams and is willing to work to get them but honestly if you look hard enough for other interviews of other girls in her age range they are the same hopes and dreams of all girls her age want to work with the same people.  People say she is copying others word for word. No she is being a kid her age who all like the same groups of stars.
Heck I would love to be in a movie with Jennifer Lawrence if I were any good. Because talk about an instant shot to stardom. But If I was not good I would be terrified. By the way I cant act my way out of a paper bag.
But because other girls her age want to work with Jennifer too they say she is copying everything some one else says.
Is Maddie an original. This book says no. Most of the replies are straight from the internet on what should be said to a teen asking for advice.  You can type in keywords and find the exact same lines.   Did Maddie write this book. I don’t think so. She may have had some suggestions but look at the time line it was written. she was on tour with Sia and she thanks some others in her book for all their work on the book. One person she thanks for helping her put her thoughts into a book. She states without her she would have a great diary but no book. This book in no way reflects a diary or memoir. Nothing.
I am sure Maddie had some input in this book but I hope you know every one can write a book. You can order how many copies you want from a publisher and send them to Amazon warehouse to be mailed as ordered. You can direct them to book stores or pay a percentage of sales to the book store to let you do book signing there. One of our members is a published author of many books on dealing with the death of a parent.  They write under a pen name and have sold many books to book stores and have a massive amount of them online at amazon and other outlets where you can buy books.
Maddie wants to be a success and whether anyone likes it or not she was a huge part of Abby Lee Millers heart and life since she was a small child. Do you think she left this show of her own accord? First of all the leaks were every where and the actual scores were posted online of the competitions and Dance moms lost a lot of credibility with the fans. Maddie did not always win first place. These leaks could hurt her career.
Again I ask you to look at the time line.  When Did Maddie leave Dance Moms? It was when Abby’s  legal issues were heating up and she was fearing going to Jail.  Do you think for one minute Abby did not sit down with Maddie and her mother and say “Being connected to me while this is going on will hurt Maddie’s career? ” Or even Maddies own manager or public relations company could have said it is time to cut and run. This negative publicity surrounding Abby could hurt Maddie. She left about the time it came out that the girls were used to smuggle money back into the Country in their own suitcases.   There was a lot of coverage of Abby crying on screen after Maddie left.  Do you think for one minute she did not already know from her lawyers she would not go to jail and likely only get probation once she paid it all back?  In my opinion Abby’s tears were real. Every time anyone made a comment about she would go to jail it was a reminder to her that her actions caused her to lose her star performer, The child she had loved and felt was like her own for so many years, and It was done to protect the kids.  Because if it was just for Maddie to further her career MacKenzie would have stayed on the show.
Maddie did not talk a lot about Abby in her book. She couldn’t. not just because of her confidentiality clause but because if you listen to what everyone says about Maddie she is loyal. She would not diss, throw shade or slander Abby.
Recently Abby was at the Kids choice awards and she said she was there to support JoJo. Please. Anyone buy that ?  No she was there likely sitting quietly in the back to watch  Maddie present. This is just my opinion and I may be wrong but I honestly feel there is real love between the Zeigler girls and Abby Lee Miller. You can not turn off a switch and forget what you had for so many years. And no one knows for sure they do not still see each other or spend time together because Maddie or Abby have not said so in public. We do not know what really goes on in anyone on TV’s real life.
Stop buying into click bait and sit back and think things through like you are putting together a puzzle and if you ever see anyone say “A Tell All ” Book has been written about anything Dance moms remember the confidentiality clause.  Not going to happen otherwise there are so many other moms who have been on this show who would take the super glue off their lips and be yelling from the roof tops.
Like I said this is only my logical explanation of what I read and see. Others will have different opinions. All I can say is read the entire book. Especially the part written by Gianna. Those are not just her words.
Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you don’t feel the need to be cruel in comments but if you do I will just skim past it and realize you are one of those who find it makes you feel good to be mean online.
We love all our supporters even the ones who follow us to trash us. Without you we would not have extra numbers and haters gonna hate.
Love Dawn.


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