The Smile of A Child.-By Ginger P.

In a small town in Virginia there is a six year old boy with the courage of a lion. Jordan Keffer was born with Facial Palsy. Simply put Jordan can not smile like his other three brothers and sister or like everyone else on earth.
His parents have tried to get Children’s hospital of Philadelphia to do the surgery. You know the ones always asking for donations so they can help kids who can not afford operations they need. They want 25,000.00 to do his surgery.  His parents do not have that kind of money so they started a go fund me page.

As of today they have 625.00 of the needed 25,000.00. So we decided we would blog to try to help this little guy get his smile fixed. We hope everyone who reads this will pass his story along and help him get his smile.
There is nothing in the world more wonderful to parents that to see their child’s happy face smiling .
When  other kids ask  Jordan why he looks that way he doesn’t hide it. He tells them the truth. ” I was born this way.”
Jordan has his whole life in front of him. High School, proms, marriage, and we all know the world is a cruel place to live. With his smile fixed it will be a lot easier on this little guy.

His parents have looked high and low for a surgeon for their son since they can not afford the best Dr. at Children’s  Hospital of Philadelphia and there is another option at University of Virginia that is a possibility. But they still need funds for hotels, meals, care  for their other children while they are with Jordan if they have to go this route. Is he the best Dr. For the Job? Maybe not, but when you have to rely on State funded insurance to pay the bill you take what they give you.
Little Jordan and his brother are happy here. You can clearly tell it on his brother’s face but not so much on Jordan’s. It makes me so sad to see a child be handled like a number due to State policies of not paying out of state hospitals. But it makes me even madder to see a hospital that is always bragging about helping those in need and asking for donations to want such an extreme amount of money to help a child in need.
Some people say that they don’t deserve help because the mom and dad bought a used car with their tax return instead of putting all the money on this.  How would you like to be a mother of five children with no car? You have to always beg rides to take your children to their activities after school, and what about an emergency room visit? Five children you are bound to have those.
So even if you can not donate to his smile. Please just share his story and get it out there so those who can help hopefully will. Thanks guys your the best. And Jordan keep being brave. We are pulling for you.
Again his go fund me page is :


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