What I Learned From Watching Dance Moms

Many people have asked me why on earth I watch this show.  I got hooked on it  when I saw a young lady dancing to a favorite singer of mine, Bianca Ryan.  I looked her up and learned Chloe Lukasiak used to be on Dance Moms show on Lifetime TV. So of course I started  watching the show but she was not there. Then I learned she had left the show because that horrid woman who owned the dance studio had made fun of her for having a medical condition. Really made me dislike her even more ,
Well Sabrina, my friend, was nice enough to let me know they show reruns on another channel. So I started recording everything I could on dance moms and saw the younger dancers.
Of course like the rest of the world I fell in love with MacKenzie Ziegler. She was so cute and little. She was also very talented.
Then I really started looking up to Nia. It was like Nia was the big sister to everyone on the show even if she was younger than some of them in the beginning. I affectionately nicknamed her Ducky because it seemed like no matter what was thrown at her she just let it roll off her back. I thought wow here is a young lady with so much talent to share with the world being smothered and ignored on this show but she still shone through even when the cameras were not focused on her.  With a kind word to a team mate or a look of disbelief to the teacher who put down another child Nia sent a loud message that you do not ever have to believe what others say about you as long as you know your worth.
From Paige and Brooke I learned that you make decisions based on what makes you happy not what makes others happy. Sure you have friends at dance but you also have friends at school who are not a part of dance. And is it worth giving up your entire childhood to be on a reality show.  They did not feel it was right for them and chose to end it. Not just because of their mother and the teacher getting into a fight but because they really were done long before that happened but unfortunately they were in a contract they had to get out of.  My hat is off to their mother for finding a way to do that for her daughters.
From Kalani I learned you never take a back seat to anyone. It may take you longer to get what you are going for but you pay your dues the honest way and wait for it and it will happen if you are willing to put in the work. You never have to cheapen yourself and can prove to others that your dreams will come true if you just keep going for them.
From Chloe, I learned so much.  I learned that what others say about me should not bother me. It is their opinion and like Dr. Holly Frazier said, they are entitled to their wrong opinions. I learned that others opinions did not shape who I was and what I could do. I learned to never give up no matter who beat me down and just because an adult says it does not make it gospel especially when the adult is a negative mean spirited person. I learned to be respectful to others and treat them with dignity and respect and it will be returned. Chloe has the most steadfast fan base I have ever seen of anyone in the business. They go to bat for her and support her in everything she does.   Even if it is just a best dressed contest for some  magazine they show up and they get it done.
That is because she stayed true to herself and never cheapened her reputation doing jobs just for the sake of getting noticed even if they were inappropriate for her. She maintained a clean image that girls can look up to. I also rediscovered my love of reading from Chloe suggesting books to read. Turns out we share the same taste in books.
From Kendall I learned that sometimes in life you have to do things even if you really do not want to do them.  And because a bunch of producers or anyone else decide to downplay you does not mean you cant do just as much as anyone else.  You have to wait your turn and get away from the ones who do not believe in you and form a life you really want.
From Vivi I learned that you can be honest about what you want. If you enjoy dance but it is not your passion just be honest about it and go for what you really want in life. I know she still dances but I have to admire and respect her mother so much for not pushing her to be a star and keep pushing  her on the show. Instead she saw what was best for her child and held her back showcasing her other students more.  Not many dance studio owners put other kids out there to shine instead of their own. That is because Miss Cathy felt her child needed to have a normal life away from cameras.
From Maddie I learned that hard work and dedication to your chosen craft will pay off if you stick with it and make the right connections.

Now for the bad things I learned that I will never use. No matter who you are, using people to get ahead is never ok. You do not pretend to be BFF with someone because they can further your career.  Never pretend you are more than what you are because it is clear to see there are so many better on you tube. Its the age of the internet. You can claim to be the best at anything at 12, 13, and so on but then when someone looks on youtube and sees a six year old make you look like a beginner its not good.
Never allow your goals to destroy friendships because when you fall from that high spot you climbed to it can be pretty lonely.  Never steal the limelight from your siblings. Let them have their own glory.
It is never ok to break laws and use connections to get away with it. It is never ok to demoralize yourself to get ahead. It is never ok to betray those who were there for you and walk over them to get ahead.
And it is never ok to turn your back on someone who dedicated their lives to making your dreams come true.  Stand up for yourself yes, but to completely turn your back on those who got you where you are is never acceptable. Not to me anyway. I guess to some it might be ok for them but I hope they have a good parachute.
So in all reality I did learn some valuable life lessons by watching this TV show.  And I realize I like me and can live with the choices I make in my life.  Thanks to a bunch of brave girls on a reality show.



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