Fan Calls Chloe Lukasiak his Hero Says she saved his life.

A fan named Aaron Jones contacted us on Twitter recently and told us that he was despondent one night and at the end of his rope when he signed on to twitter and saw a funny tweet by Chloe Lukasiak, actor, author, dancer and model.   He said it cheered him up so much he had to tweet to her and tell her that she made his day.
You see Aaron states that he has three different kinds of Cancer.
Aaron told us:
I have three types of cancer it’s been a hard life.people didn’t won’t to see me die so they stopped coming around. In pain and all alone.   I haven’t smiled or talked to anyone in weeks. Went on twitter and saw a funny tweet from Chloe lukasiak and it made me laugh and smile.  So I tweeted Chloe and she tweeted me back. I wish Chloe new that day she gave me hope to live again. She truly saved my life. Thank u Chloe

We have always known Chloe was special but this just proves it to us. She is a very special young lady who reaches out to those in pain and suffering to make their day just a little brighter.  A little happier and a little more hopeful.
When we asked Aaron if we could identity him he states:
You can use my name. I can’t thank you enough for this. Now people will no that Chloe is as beautiful from the inside as well as the outside.

Miss Lukasiak we know you are busy but we just want to say you are our hero now too. Thank you for making this fans days a little happier and for all you do for all of your fans. You are always thanking them on social media for their support and it has not gone unnoticed. You are a truly special young lady and we wish you every success in the world in what ever you decide your future will be.
Thank you Miss Lukasiak for helping us to believe there is still some good in this torn world of ours.C-zLqYjXkAAfJb_


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