Summer Fun By: Sabrina C

We came up with a great idea for all kids from 8-19. What are you doing this summer?

How would you like to be featured in a youtube video? Send us a video of you doing something fun this summer and we might choose you or you and your friends to be featured on one of our new You Tube Videos.

Just introduce yourselves and say “Hi, my name is___________ and for the summer of 2017 I am_____________
You can be swimming, hiking, reading, going to camp, making slime, anything that is fun that other kids might want to go too.
Keep the videos short and fun don’t worry about making a long video because we can always combine several videos.
We would like to get our YouTube channel active and have not had time to do it so we thought hey lets give the kids a chance to do it.  So get those videos sent to us in a format we can save to movie maker and we will put you on You tube on our channel. Who knows you might get discovered. Do you dance? Sing? recite poems, volunteer?
Lets see what you are doing. Send video to link below. must have your parents say on email they give their permission for your video to be used by us.

Dear Twitter:

But my Dear Twitter:

Thank you for the new update so now I never know if I am on Instagram of twitter. Copy much? I also want to thank you for not giving us the edit feature with this update and removing the option to delete a tweet.
Now it looks like every illiterate moron on the surface of the earth uses twitter. But it is sort of fun. I mean when I get bored I just go through and try to guess what people meant to say.
And there is nothing like logging on to see you have 20 new messages. The adrenalin is rushing and I am thinking oh wow I am finally getting noticed on twitter. but sadly no, Do you know how many ways people can call you an idiot? I leaned 20 new ones.  My favorite was “Hey Cave man it is 2017, Why did you tweet something from 2015? I retweeted it thinking it was new. Thanks for making me look like an idiot” Welcome to my world buddy apparently is not the right response either.
Look I really don’t care about a cute curved rectangle to type my message in I can not edit or delete. I don’t think the new shape of the heart is that much of a stand out either. But could you just find a way to give us an edit after posting message. Can we have the delete option back? I don’t think that is asking for to much, do you? It should just be a simple code to insert right? I mean someone was smart enough to change the format surely they can come up with this option and give us back the delete option. You can have my bigger cuter (I suppose) Heart back if that would help. You can even have the curves back to my rectangle. I mean do people really tweet more because now they have curves.
So inclsing um clossssye  oh no, um closing yea that’s the word that I would not be able to fix on twitter.  Just give us an edit feature already and give us back delete I really don’t need 20 people telling me how stupid I am. And while it is great to get retweets it does nothing for me to get them being called an idiot. Look what this idiot did.
And please if you find typing errors in here just ignore them. I am writing as if I were on twitter with no way to edit.
Thank you for taking my request into consideration even though you likely will never see this but I got it off my chest.

Drake Culpepper
Junior Hollywood Reporter

Stars of the Day ! Carly and Martina @carlyandmartina

Music writer for the Junior Hollywood Reporter Alexis Rodriquez picks Carly and Martina for her stars of the day because they are realist. They live in the real world and do not expect or demand fans send their new music to number one over night. I mean face it everyone knows when that happens something wanky is going on with fans pushing a song ahead of others by downloading them one behind the other. Plus an MP3 song is nice but most of us like to have that CD in hand to play . Carly and Martina are taking their time and building their career the way it should be built. They write and perform songs others can relate to and are clear and easy to understand what they are singing.


Carly and Martina are 15 year-old twin singer songwriters from Chicago Ill, who have performed at  venues across the US delivering powerful vocals and harmonies. They perform their originals as well as songs spanning from The Beatles to modern-day pop.  Carly and Martina’s music career started with one song — Make Me Happy.  They wrote Make Me Happy one day after being bullied at school. Later that summer, Carly and Martina enrolled in a songwriting camp at The Evanston School of Rock and all of the students liked Carly and Martina’s song so they decided to record it at Delmark Records.

You might wonder why I chose two fifteen year olds as my star of the day choice but to me stars are more than those you see on the screen. Stars are those who excel at their craft and 15 year old Carly and Martina Spiro do that. They started writing songs when they were 11 years old. They estimate they have written about 50 songs and have about 150 unfinished songs. Can you imagine if they finish all of those this summer? Better watch out because they are coming for the music industry with a bang.

With all these girls have accomplished at such a young age the one thing they learned that others their age forget to do is stay humble with their fans and thank them for support. Yes, they sell CDs and Merchandise but they don’t post I have this and you need to go buy it. They say thank you for your support and we would appreciate you listening to our new music and tell us what you think. They want to know that the fans like what they are doing or if they need to change things up so the fans will continue to like it.   A humble and appreciative celebrity keeps a loyal fan base forever. Those who get big heads and demand you buy their things start to lose fans interest.  These girls somehow have me convinced no matter how big they get they will always be humble and have a loyal fan base.

You can follow Carly and Martina on all social media outlets and check their webpage online for free. You do not have to join a membership to see them or follow them.  Which is what real stars do. So get to know this dynamic Duo and follow their career.  Some of us can actually grow up with them keeping them always relevant to us by what they are singing about.

That Darn Gossip Boy

Face it we all have that friend that can’t keep their mouth shut no matter what. Hello that is me. I hear something juicy and super glue wont keep my mouth closed. I am Carlos Rodriquez and I am honored at this amazing opportunity to write for Junior Hollywood Reporter.  So let me tell you what I heard!


Chloe Lukasiak’s mom Christi posted this picture saying “Working on a new project” well come on Momma Christi.  Can you be more specific. By the way love that top. So is this for Chloe Does it? Is it a movie? is it a sportswear ad? Am I getting warmer momma Christi?  What ever it is her fans will love it because it is Chloe. It could be her shooting a roll of toilet paper of the top of an old toilet in the city dump and the fans will go nuts. Speaking of which:

True to form the second Chloe post something she is doing Maddie Zeigler fans start wall papering social media with stuff she is either doing or did 100 years ago just to get her name out there too. But this time they claim she is working on something AMAZING with this hair dresser guy. um ok. Fella what the heck is that in the center of her head? Looks like something I have seen on fancy cakes.  Let us keep in mind that Maddie recently signed to do some work with a modeling agency and this guy does hair for tons and I mean tons of magazine layouts but no, of course its for a super role in a super movie just like Book of Henry was her movie and she was the star of it. Hey don’t shoot the messenger I got caught up in that hype too and thought wow this is going to be amazing because after all the whole idea of the movie was Henry was protecting Christina only Henry gets killed off in like their first five minutes and Christina is barely seen only talked about. Like what the heck was that?

A bunch of worthless thug punks in Scotland are attacking Susan Boyle every time she steps out of her house now. Buy you some mace girl.  You need some mace? I will ship you some if you need it.  Disgraceful that someone of her fame and age needs to fear for their lives every time they walk out the door having bottles thrown at her head and profanity screamed at her.  Hey Scotland yard are you real? I am watching you. You better protect my girl or I will be wildhorses all the way to Scotland.

BBDe5OUJada Pinkett Smith  showed up at the BET Awards looking like a million bucks. Is she getting younger?

BBDemkNDJ Khaled, and his mini me  Asahd Tuck Khaled, and Nicole Tuck turn up for the BET awards. Is this not the cutest kid ever!!

BBDb8SQAnd  did you hear about this guy who spent over 20,000.00 on a funeral for his son and a week later gets a phone call saying “Hi Dad” The authorities could not ID the body by finger print and messed up royally, I just want to know will the city pay him back for burying some homeless guy for them? I can not begin to imagine the horrible pain and suffering this family has gone though but I sure would be talking to lawyer if I was them.

19489723_1273650496087970_2039230136_nWanna put money on TMZ being the first to get a photo of Abby Lee Miller when she goes to jail? What are you guys stalking the woman? Come on every day a new picture emerges. If Abby walks out the door TMZ is there with a camera.  Come on Abby close your mouth and put on some make up or something. You know good and well they are out there watching for you.  By the way nice shoes. And what the heck was with those pictures Abby was posting yesterday in some mansion with her all dolled up looking 100 lbs thinner? When was that taken or whose body did she photoshop her head on. Because the pics from TMZ (Yea them again) yesterday and the ones today say ummm nope not Abby’s body.  Same face, Same New Jersey Housewife bump in the hair but nope no way , not the same body. Sorry Abby didn’t float. Try a new turd.

th Rumors are also flying that my girl Miss Kendall K Vertes has booked a movie. Sent a message to Queen Momma Jill asking for verification but she did not answer. Hurt my feelings Queen Jill.  You know we love you and Kendall K. So spill it. Is she or  aint she in that movie or is someone hacking IMDb again.  Anyway sure hope my girl does some more work after Dance Moms because I don’t want to move to Pennsylvania to stalk her. It is way to cold up there for me and my delicate body cant handle cold. By the way isn’t that the same shirt Kenzie had on in a recent photo shoot in PA at her shared Birthday party?

Well that is enough hog wash for one night. When we know something for sure someone else will write about it because I just write about the juicy stuff and make folks wonder. I mean why should I be the only one staying awake at night wondering what on earth is true and what isn’t anymore.

Star of the Day : @Thaddeausek Thaddeaus Ek.

Thaddeaus Ek is an actor, known for As We Say Goodbye (2016), Gunwalkers (2017) and The Guitar (2017).  A rising Star we want to pay tribute to today
By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

You may recognize Thaddeaus at the adorable little boy who has Doritos on the school bus and gets mobbed. When he gets off the bus you have to laugh when he hands his mom the bag and says “you Make friends”. He appears in several other commercials as well as acting as mentioned above
Not only is he an actor but he has his own band and sings as well as playing the piano.   Triple threat on the way? We think so.

on set the guitar

On set Filming Indie film “The Guitar”

Big Bear lake filming a music video with Chase Kuker for Adrian Rodriguez new song dropping in early 2017!

Thaddeaus is just like other boys when not working he likes to read books, play legos, play baseball, play piano, hang out at the pool with his friends  and draw cartoons.
Thaddeaus plays Dillon in “Gunwalkers”-Set in 2009 Baja Arizona against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Gunwalkers chronicles a string of violence following the U.S. Government’s release of more than 2,500 guns to known criminals.

Follow Thaddeaus on Twitter to stay up with what he is doing next. What ever it is we know he will put his all into it and make it a big success.

Star of The Day @WylieSofia Sofia Wylie

Sofia Wylie our Star pick of the Day by: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

Sofia Wylie is currently playing the role of Buffy on the Disney Channels Andi Mack Show. She is vivacious, funny, cute and brings a lot to the show with her character of Buffy. As Andi’s best friend Sofia keeps things interesting.
The beautiful young actress is more than just a pretty face though.  Check out her you tube channel and watch her dance:

Sofia  has been featured in music videos, appeared in Kidz Bop commercials, and performed on the stage of Radio City Music Hall for an America’s Got Talent live show. . She became a brand ambassador for Sadie Jane Dancewear and Kurveshop Dancewear. She made an appearance in a season two episode of the Nickelodeon series School of Rock and earned a recurring role as the character June on the series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.  Sofia has appeared on national commercials showcasing her triple threat abilities in dancing, singing and acting! She has performed on stage with Justin Bieber on his World Tour.  And all of this by the age of 13 year old.
Sofia loves to dance and is happy to have a good balance between acting and dancing. When on break from the show she loves going home to Arizona and hanging out with her dance friends while brushing up on her dancing skills. She is hoping that Buffy gets to do some dancing on the show. So do we Sofia. So Do we.
Check out Sofia’s role as Buffy on Disney Channels Andi Mack show. The show is something different from what Disney normally produces and has become one of our favorite shows to watch together. It more accurately portrays real life challenges of tweens and teens today with a touch of innocence and bold statements at the same time. It also does not shadow real life problems but puts it right out there and shows Sofia helping her friend deal with them.  We are hoping this show is the gateway to Disney doing more real life shows in the future for kids, tweens and teens. The world is changing and we are happy to see Disney changing with it with this break out show of Andi Mack and showcasing this wonderful cast of young talent.

1Sophia on the red carpet with Chloe Lukasiak

2Fans of all ages love her

thW0BGEUJ9With Andi Mack cast mates

4Yes she is and we are happy she is a Disney Kid now.