Review: The Book of Henry, Maddies Movie? By: Junior Hollywood Reporters

First of all after reading all the horrible reviews we decided we had to see this movie. There was no way on earth Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay and Jaeden Lieberher had a bomb movie that all the critics were claiming it was.
Naomi acted her tail off in this movie. She was good but you just felt like she was working way to hard to bring this movie up to something enjoyable for people to watch. Jaeden Lieberher was amazing in this movie but yes, It did remind us of other roles we have seen him in. What on earth can I possibly say about Jacob Tremblay other than his role should have been much bigger and he was absolutely adorable and had me in tears most of the movie.
I did not like the plot at all. They say the neighbor is being molested and it is rated PG 13 but there was never any proof she was being molested.  Not in the movie I saw tonight.  They never explained why she lived with only her step father.    Maddie Zeigler’s role was disappointing to say the least. Especially in light of other Dance Moms girls doing so well in movies they have been in.   For months her fans have been all over Social Media ranting and raving MADDIES movie is coming out. All the hype in teen magazines about MADDIES MOVIE. Well if you have seen the trailer you saw all you will see of Maddie Zeigler and her speaking roles.  If you have watched any Dance Moms shows you have seen her dance better than she did in this movie as well.   They show the principal of her school offstage crying as she dances. Great actress by the way because nothing about that dance made me sad. It was like there is the same Maddie face we saw for how ever many seasons she was on the show. I could not help but notice how many times they cut to her face rather than showing that she was actually doing the same moves over and over.   Maddie’s role consisted of saying two words several times in the movie. I’m Fine,  and at the end Me too. What the what?   For a movie to be about the girl next store she was non persona in this movie.  You see her walk up the street, sit in a car, sit in a classroom and barely speak the entire movie and it seemed like she spoke through clinched teeth each time she spoke. I was totally confused and would have loved to see a child actress carry this part off and make it more involved. I realize this was Miss Zeigler’s first acting job in a movie but come on it seems like they wanted to use her name to bring her fans out to watch the movie. Well there were nine people in the theater tonight. NINE.  And five of us were together with free tickets from one of our groups grandmother because her and her friends read the reviews and decided not to go.
BUT as for the rest of the movie, its a good stay at home on a rainy day and curl up on the couch and watch it IF you are a Jacob Tremblay fan and I am.
It is non believable, botched and apparently spliced and pieced together cutting out the best parts and leaving them on the floor. Something was just missing that tied this whole movie together. Without giving away to much Jaeden’s part was over way to soon for the movie to be named for his character.  Naomi’s part of being a ditzy blonde just was not convincing she is to strong of an actress to pull it off but bless her heart she sure tried to act herself out of this and likely wondering the entire time what have I got myself into.
When Naomi was seen on opening night on the set of the new movie she is working on holding up flash cards and said something cute and heartfelt about each boy and for Maddie she holds up one card saying “Dancer” It was a signal right there that if that was all she had to say about her then something is wrong here.
Maddie is a better dancer than this movie portrayed her as.  Sadly it made her look like a girl who has taken some dance lessons and doing a solo for a low rate recital.
So my suggestion to all the Maddie fans dying to see her movie. ITs not her movie. And she has very little to do with being in the movie so wait for the video unless you just like spending a lot of money and having the place to yourself.

19225947_10211870703618855_1631951580333510722_n Sadly in our opinion and that of others we talked to on the way out this was not a theater worthy movie and all were very upset with Miss Zeigler’s lack of appearances in the movie or at least speaking parts. Its like she was there but she wasn’t there.
Due to several things in this movie I would not take anyone under the age of 15 to it regardless of the rating and not because of the accusations over the abuse but the ending itself send the wrong message of how to get out of trouble, Plus a kid no matter how gifted plotting to murder a neighbor is just something you do not want to encourage kids to see.


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