Video Review: Bigger Fatter Liar: By Alexis T.

In the beginning I thought oh no. This is a cross between Ferris Bueller and Home Alone. But the movie did catch my attention shortly afterward.
Ricky Garcia did an wonderful job with his acting in this movie and I would say he did every bit as good as Mathew Broderick in Ferris Bueller and Better than Caulkin in Home Alone.
Jodelle Ferland is the perfect person to act with him and they played off each other perfectly.  Barry Bostwick I would say is what messed up this movie. He over acted the role and just was not the villain he was meant to be but came across more as a nut who had no business working in big business.
Ricky plays Kevin Shepherd who lies a lot and no one believes him when his plans for a video game are stolen by Bostwicks character.  He goes to great extremes to get the man to admit to stealing it and sadly the plot is predictable but funny at the same time.
I enjoyed the movie and For Ricky and Jodelle I give them both 5 our of 5 stars. Bostwick I give a 2 and the movie in General a 4.
Ricky is up for a teen choice award for his portrayal of Kevin but sadly he is up against some tough actors.  It would be nice if Teen choice would stick to teens and stop allowing adults to be nominated because Ricky deserves to win for his acting in this movie.


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