Maddie Ziegler on Trashing Dance Moms By: Chelsea Green-Guest Reporter.

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    It has been no secret that Maddie Ziegler is glad to have her Dance Moms days behind her. The young dancer whose career catapulted overnight. after being featured in the Sia videos, credits Sia with her success. However, if you take the time to look back on how Maddie got started in her career, you would see that Abby Lee Miller is the one who should get credit for Maddie’s career.


At the onset of Dance Moms, no one even knew about Maddie Ziegler. She was just a young dancer from a small town in PA. It was Abby, who pushed and pulled to make sure that Maddie was featured as her number one dancer on the show, who deserves credit for Maddie’s career. Young Ziegler speaks about how the collaboration with Sia came about. Apparently, Sia, a big fan of the show, saw Maddie dancing and knew it was Maddie she wanted for her video. Now, some say that Abby has nothing to do with Maddie’s career, but let’s take another look. Abby was the one who made sure Maddie got extra lessons, the most solos, best costumes and was allowed to pursue jobs outside the show, when the other girls were forced to stick to Abby’s strict contract. It was revealed by several people that when producers called for a dancer that Abby would only send Maddie for auditions. She pulled in all kinds of favors and got Maddie interviews and appearances that none of the other girls were allowed out of their contracts with Miller to do pursue. Miller even went to judges to call in favors to reverse scores so that Ziegler could be the clear winner. All of these things made Maddie into a star.

At the end of season 6.5 the Zieglers pulled up stakes and left Dance Moms. Supposedly it was implied that this was due to Maddie having to turn down jobs due to her being on the show. However, we now know that this was in connection to Miller’s financial problems for which there were rumors that the Ziegler’s mother, Melissa. might be connected to and could possibly be convicted.
For Maddie to go on camera to say her life on the show was “the worst” goes to show her lack of appreciation for a woman who spent the majority of a decade promoting Maddie and molding her into being a star. Has Maddie let fame go to her head? Has she put her friendships with the girls behind her and forgotten the love and support of a teacher who clearly loves Maddie. Hollywood is full of child stars who went wrong when the fame went to their head and they forgot one important lesson, humility.


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