Who is Chalet Lizette Brannan? She is Our Star of the Day.

Chalet Lizette Brannan is an Inspiration, A role model and some one everyone should get to know and Support :  By Sabrina Culpepper -Junior Hollywood Reporter


Not only is this young lady well mannered and polite taking time from her busy schedule to thank everyone on Social Media who mentions her or supports her but she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.  There are many reasons this young lady is so popular and well loved, but like her acting career the list is to long to write out. Lets just start with the fact that she is such a nice person and treats her fans with respect and dignity. She does not pick and choose who she feels like thanking but actually takes the time to thank all she sees saying anything about her on Social Media.  Not only that she is a Florida Girl so she is automatically someone we want to know more about and hope you will take the time to follow her amazing career.
Chalet has acted in a list of things longer than my lifespan.

Chalet is known for many things amongst which is her charity work with Children fighting cancer like she did. That is right. Chalet beat Stage 4 cancer and came back strong.  She did not let it get the best of her. So next time you feel like life has you down think of this inspirational young lady and get up and get going.  Never feel sorry for yourself when you have so much to give to the world and yourself. Most articles start out with Chalet beat cancer at age 10 but we don’t think the cancer defines her. We think the fight and determination to win defines who she is.  She is someone who will never let anything thrown at her get her down because she knows she is a fighter who can win.

Chalet  started out with modeling at age 6. At age 7, she was asked to read lines for a feature film. She has performed in westerns, drama, psychological thrillers, horror, comedy and many more.   And I imagine we will be hearing so much more about her for many years to come because this girl has the drive, determination and talent to make it all the way in this industry.
What ever she decides to do in the future we wish her all the best and thank her for showing us nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.


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