Star of the Day : @Thaddeausek Thaddeaus Ek.

Thaddeaus Ek is an actor, known for As We Say Goodbye (2016), Gunwalkers (2017) and The Guitar (2017).  A rising Star we want to pay tribute to today
By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

You may recognize Thaddeaus at the adorable little boy who has Doritos on the school bus and gets mobbed. When he gets off the bus you have to laugh when he hands his mom the bag and says “you Make friends”. He appears in several other commercials as well as acting as mentioned above
Not only is he an actor but he has his own band and sings as well as playing the piano.   Triple threat on the way? We think so.

on set the guitar

On set Filming Indie film “The Guitar”

Big Bear lake filming a music video with Chase Kuker for Adrian Rodriguez new song dropping in early 2017!

Thaddeaus is just like other boys when not working he likes to read books, play legos, play baseball, play piano, hang out at the pool with his friends  and draw cartoons.
Thaddeaus plays Dillon in “Gunwalkers”-Set in 2009 Baja Arizona against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Gunwalkers chronicles a string of violence following the U.S. Government’s release of more than 2,500 guns to known criminals.

Follow Thaddeaus on Twitter to stay up with what he is doing next. What ever it is we know he will put his all into it and make it a big success.


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