Dear Twitter:

But my Dear Twitter:

Thank you for the new update so now I never know if I am on Instagram of twitter. Copy much? I also want to thank you for not giving us the edit feature with this update and removing the option to delete a tweet.
Now it looks like every illiterate moron on the surface of the earth uses twitter. But it is sort of fun. I mean when I get bored I just go through and try to guess what people meant to say.
And there is nothing like logging on to see you have 20 new messages. The adrenalin is rushing and I am thinking oh wow I am finally getting noticed on twitter. but sadly no, Do you know how many ways people can call you an idiot? I leaned 20 new ones.  My favorite was “Hey Cave man it is 2017, Why did you tweet something from 2015? I retweeted it thinking it was new. Thanks for making me look like an idiot” Welcome to my world buddy apparently is not the right response either.
Look I really don’t care about a cute curved rectangle to type my message in I can not edit or delete. I don’t think the new shape of the heart is that much of a stand out either. But could you just find a way to give us an edit after posting message. Can we have the delete option back? I don’t think that is asking for to much, do you? It should just be a simple code to insert right? I mean someone was smart enough to change the format surely they can come up with this option and give us back the delete option. You can have my bigger cuter (I suppose) Heart back if that would help. You can even have the curves back to my rectangle. I mean do people really tweet more because now they have curves.
So inclsing um clossssye  oh no, um closing yea that’s the word that I would not be able to fix on twitter.  Just give us an edit feature already and give us back delete I really don’t need 20 people telling me how stupid I am. And while it is great to get retweets it does nothing for me to get them being called an idiot. Look what this idiot did.
And please if you find typing errors in here just ignore them. I am writing as if I were on twitter with no way to edit.
Thank you for taking my request into consideration even though you likely will never see this but I got it off my chest.

Drake Culpepper
Junior Hollywood Reporter


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