Summer Fun By: Sabrina C

We came up with a great idea for all kids from 8-19. What are you doing this summer?

How would you like to be featured in a youtube video? Send us a video of you doing something fun this summer and we might choose you or you and your friends to be featured on one of our new You Tube Videos.

Just introduce yourselves and say “Hi, my name is___________ and for the summer of 2017 I am_____________
You can be swimming, hiking, reading, going to camp, making slime, anything that is fun that other kids might want to go too.
Keep the videos short and fun don’t worry about making a long video because we can always combine several videos.
We would like to get our YouTube channel active and have not had time to do it so we thought hey lets give the kids a chance to do it.  So get those videos sent to us in a format we can save to movie maker and we will put you on You tube on our channel. Who knows you might get discovered. Do you dance? Sing? recite poems, volunteer?
Lets see what you are doing. Send video to link below. must have your parents say on email they give their permission for your video to be used by us.

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