Review Despicable Me 3

This review is solely based on my opinion of this movie and does not reflect on anyone else reviews. By: Dawn Vallarta

Wait for the video and rent it instead of buying it.  I am a huge Minion fan and this movie just made we want to go to sleep.  There are very little Minions on this movie at all. What you see in the trailers and commercials is it.
Gru finds out he has a twin brother and his parents divorced splitting up the boys with each taking one. When the father dies the brother Dru reaches out to Gru to come and help train him to be a villain. How ever Gru has gone to the good side now.
They battle the Villain Balthazar Bratt for control of a pink diamond that has been stolen causing Gru and lucy to be fired.
The daughter are here and adorable as ever but there are not enough Minion shots and when there are it seems like two different movies were spliced together to add them.
Some may love it but for me less is more and they should have stopped at 2. This is a big let down.



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