Product Review – @elfcosmetics -e.l.f makeup mist and set! It is the Winner!!

The majority of the product reviews will be done by the females on the team simply because it is hard to find that many companies willing to send free products to guys to review.  As of now the Majority of what we are going to write reviews for we are buying simply from word of mouth of friends of what to try.  By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.  Special thanks to Dawn for helping me research this product before buying.

Because several of my friends had been using various setting sprays I decided after coming to Florida I had two choices. Either use it myself or go without makeup. Ok I am seventeen. I am not going to walk around in public where I might see someone I know without my make up on.
I did my research and I loved other e.l.f. products I had purchased but what sold me on this one was the statement that “This skin nourishing Makeup Mist and Set Spray is designed to revitalize color and hold your makeup in place. This formula contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E to soothe and hydrate the skin.” I mean who doesn’t want all of that right?

I had tried several others so I was a bit discouraged as to what the outcome would be but I have to tell you I am on cloud 9!! Seventh Heaven!! And SOOOOO HAPPY!!!   Now it is not the purpose of any of my reviews to trash another company and If I don’t like their product I don’t write about it.  Clear and simple.
Yesterday we were all going to an outdoor cookout. The entire JR crew was going. None of us wanted to go. I mean it has rained for a week and in Florida when it rains it becomes a sauna outside. But my motto is always look for good in bad situations. And I found it yesterday.
Some other setting sprays have left my face feeling waxy and I immediately had to practically chisel it off after it dried. Seriously you should see all the make up stuck in my face brush now. It will never come out because it is waxed in.

So all three of us put on our make up and all three of us used different setting sprays.  I used  e.l.f. Make up Mist and set .    Yesssss winner winner.  First of all it goes on so light you wonder oh no is this even going to work.  It works. It feels great on your skin and not one time did I even think about was my make up running because I did not have that heavy face feeling I get with other sprays. We were outside in the Florida sauna for four hours. My make up never once ran. I never felt uncomfortable with it on my face and I wish they sold it in gallon jugs because it is the only thing I will ever use again.
Um the other two girls were miserable and one of their make up was running every where while the other one said her face felt like it weighed ten pounds. Should I have told her that brand dried feeling like wax? Maybe but I like to let others learn for themselves plus it was funny.
Now here is the great part. This stuff is not expensive. Sure it can be depending on where you buy it but guys Wal mart sells this stuff. Go get you some!!! I bought the 2.02 fl oz bottle just to try it out but will sure be checking the shelf for a larger bottle when I go back. I love this stuff.  It has made me one happy shopper and new to Florida the land of the heat girl.
Trust me if this can stand up under Florida weather where it rains every day and then turns into a sauna it can stand up to anything.
Out of a possible ten stars e.l.f. Make up Miss and Set gets ten stars and thank you to those who suggested it to me. It will be my forever product now.


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