Maddie & MacKenzie Ziegler Custody Battle June 12,2017

Written by Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter


As is often the case another Child star is making headlines not for what they have done but what their parents have done.
Kurt Zeigler filed for Custody of Child stars Maddie and MacKenzie Zeigler stating their mother Melissa Gisoni does not have the girls best interest of her career.
Maddie’s mother fires back that she has been the sole financial supporter of the girls and that their father suffers Mental health issues that keep him from being the better parent. Come on did you expect it not to get nasty?
The father fires back in court papers that the mother is trying to keep the children from him and not abiding by the current custody agreement.
He then claims that Gisoni is “not acting in the children’s best interest with regard to their travel schedule and, possibly, careers.”

The courts decided in favor of the mother.
On June 12, 2017, the court granted Gisoni sole legal and primary custody of Maddie and Mackenzie.
“When the children are in the Murrysville area, father shall have partial custody time with the children,” the filing reads. “Father shall also have partial custody of the children if he travels to Los Angeles.”
The girls are not to have “Overnight” Visits with their father until such time they are “Willing and ready to do so”

Like most Hollywood kids parents fight over control and say it is for the kids but come on using the excuse she does not have their best interest for their careers? OK. Anyone raise your hand that can say Melissa Gisoni is not a first and foremost stage mom? Anyone? Hellooooooooooooooooooo? No, Even the haters say she is a stage mom. She would stab a kid to get hers noticed first so nice try dad that one wont fly.
Mental issues? Well that is harsh to put out there especially since your kids have to live with what ever you say about their dad. And parents need to remember your child is only half of you. The other half comes from that parent you are saying has mental issues. Do not feed the trolls please.
I don’t know why adults can not be civil and make arrangements that work for everyone. Hey dad how about getting on a plane and flying to L.A. to see your girls. Why should they have to fly to PA to see you all the time. Their careers are not in PA. and why now? why do you now care that you think things are objectionable? Where were you when questionable photos were being plastered of your child?
Unfortunately it always happens where a parents realizes darn it my kid is making more money than I will ever make and I need to get custody of them.  Well if you are not there to support them, you are not doing the work to get them jobs, you are not making contacts for your children why do you think you have a right to be a part of their fame?
Maddie herself has said in interviews she sees her father at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sorry Dad that is not being a responsible parent. Planes take off from PA and land in L.A. every day of the week.  Go see your kids. Rebuild a life with them if they will allow it now. But remember what happened to drive that wedge between you in the first place. Why are your girls not allowed over night visits in your home? Why are they so uncomfortable with you that you “Creeps me out”  Sorry Dad you need to mend fences and not look at banks.
Yes, Maddie has done some questionable jobs,  So did a lot of kid stars, Not everyone is a Disney kid.  MacKenzie does a lot of strange things on social media. What kid doesn’t.  The only difference between those girls and any other girl their age is their bank accounts and it seems sometimes fans loose sight of that.
But for parents to use their kids is the lowest thing ever. No parent should want to “Handle” their child because they are famous. If you are not there from the beginning scraping and begging and doing everything humanely possible to make your child a star then stay in the back seat and shut your mouth.
If you honestly think your children are not being raised right call the authorities and have them investigated. A concerned parent says I do not believe my children are being properly supervised, I do not believe my children are living in a good environment. A concerned parents does not say I don’t think their careers are being handled to their best interest.
You jumped off that bandwagon and wanted no part of it. Don’t go after it now.


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