Are Teen Choice Awards Real???

Teen choice says after 63 million twitter votes winners are announced. Yet their own web site says only votes on TeenChoice.Com count. They even go so far as to say they choose winners from the top four and the producer has the final say. YOUR VOTE COUNTS FOR NOTHING.  By Sabrina Culpepper.  For Junior Hollywood Reporter.


After 63 million Twitter votes from teens across the country, the winners of the 2017 Teen Choice Awards were announced at University of Southern California’s Galen Center in Los Angeles during a live broadcast on Fox. But for the past few years many fans are calling fowl.  Many fandoms are saying that Teen Choice uses them to get advertising on social media while they clearly state on their own website winners are at their own discretion.  Why bother to have people vote at all? Same reason any others do. It is free advertising when fans send #TeenChoiceAwards trending with their post.
Last nights teen choice was by far the worst I have ever endured. It was not organized well and the entertainment took over the fact this is an awards show and most of the awards were never shown on air. Leaving fans to follow Teen choice on social media all night to see who won and then still having to search the internet to find answers.
One fandom, Shawn Mendes, were in total shock last night as were the recipients. Shawn Mendes was standing and ready to go on stage when they announced that Jake Paul had won??? What?  They had all of the winners sitting to the right of the stage to come up when announced and Shawn was standing there ready to go up.  Jake Seemed shocked when he was called and had nothing prepared to say.  He was not the only one stunned. Shawn’s face said it all.
Fans were wondering if they made this last minute change because they could not get a host this year and Jake Paul did it at the last minute after a big fall out on Social Media and not really that much of a hot commodity at the time.  It all seems odd to us.

Teen Choice states Clearly “Winners of Teen Choice awards were determined through voting on the teen choice website. The results of the voting were determined electronically by Teen Choice  and confirmed by a committee of Fox Representatives.”  Who are these Fox Representatives?  Why are fans voting at all if they are not picking the winners by fan votes? My vote is this is our last year following this so called awards show that is not determined by a fan base at all.
Teen choice also states “They have the right to determine the winner from the top four vote getters in each category” No, You do not have that right if you are telling fan bases that their votes count. Count for what? Top four? No, So you get to decide the person who came in fourth wins because they have worked on one of your shows? You also say that no employees of Fox are eligible but that did not stop you from handing the award to one last year.

While fans stay up day and night to monitor and vote like crazy for their favorites and are spamming peoples Instagram and Twitter feeds with votes because Teen choice is telling them this counts as votes their own rules proves that is a lie.  Only the top four vote getters on the website are considered and they decide which of those four they want to win. So why do they have fans going crazy on social media voting? Free advertisement that is why.
Then the last sentence is the clincher.  “Ultimate choice was determined soley by the producers of teen choice awards”  Not the fans who voted for weeks, not the fan base at all, it is ultimately decided by the producers.   So I guess the old saying of it is not what you know but who you know is alive and well at Teen Choice awards.

Some fan bases contacted us and those are the fans we are representing here today with this article. Shawn Mendes fans pointed out that he was the winner and Jake Pauls name was called. They told us to rewind and watch so we did that this morning and sure enough Shawn was prepared to go accept the award and Jake was stunned. Was a change made at the last minute?  Or was the wrong name called and they let it go to avoid a Steve Harvey minutes on the teen choice awards.  We do not know but we agree something went wrong there.
Then there is the created category of Choice Dancer.  The first year everyone assumed it was added to hand Maddie Zeigler this award. Maddie was even seated closest the stage but something happened I don’t think Even Teen Choice producers expected. Chloe Lukasiak fans flooded the voting and she won the first ever newly created Choice dancer award. She gave an inspirational speech and won the hearts of millions that night. Then year two rolled around and Fans were saying it was being stacked for Maddie to win. But how could she win. It clearly states employees of Fox can not compete.  And at the time Maddie was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  But win she did. She was working for Fox and won??? So not only do the fans votes not count but Fox can also ignore their own rules.
This year fans of both sides were smart. I mean super smart and I am impressed. We were flooded with graphs, pie charts, statistics, etc of how the voting was going based on the tweets and Instagram post of who was voting for who.

Even Maddie fans were yelling that Chloe fans were stacking the votes But both side agree to one thing.  By the fans charts Chloe won it last year and this year also but Teen Choice decided not to allow the fan votes to count.  Then there is this.

H7DR3Doa (2)

I have to wonder how these decisions are made when fans on both sides admit that Chloe won by the fan votes but was not given the award by Teen Choice standards.
Why do you want to be a part of something like this? Even the fans were not tweeting and celebrating many of the wins last night because they knew for sure this was not how the fans voted and are sick and tired of being used by others to get attention to their productions and line their pockets when they are not awarding the winners the fans voted for.
You have some saying well Chloe is not even dancing anymore.  She is not doing a music video for one person over and over.  She is not taking classes and paying to post videos of her dancing in classes.  But she is still working on her craft she just does not feel a need to post online her every move of every day because she is entitled to privacy and sees others burning out and chooses not to join them. Plus it does not matter if she never danced. It is supposed to be Teen Choice not Fox Employee committee choice.  So if the fans vote for someone that is the winner.  Not who Fox has on payroll and will bring attention to the next show they use the person on.
We are neither fans or haters of either girl. Yes we do feel Chloe is a great role model to young girls. We love how she stops and takes photos with fans instead of turn them away and tell them they are not allowed to take pictures of her.  Are we fans of her dancing, No, Are we fans of Maddies dancing, No.  Actually I guess if we have to fan any girl on the show we would have to say we are fans of Kalani’s and Lilly’s dancing.  They both dance with the grace and conviction that Chloe used to dance with. But Chloe is not dancing like she used to anymore so we can’t say we are fans of her dancing.

Some other things that were pointed out was everyone was saying this was the last year for teen choice and we assumed they meant the show. Then they said we will see you next year and we asked out informants why they thought it was the last year and were informed that it is the last year for fans.  A whopping number of people say they will no longer support this show because year after year they see the ones that are voted for with charts, graphics, etc to prove who gets the most votes are not awarded for the fans hard work.
So my suggestion to Teen Choice is just have a show, no voting, you invite who you want to hand the surf board to and call it a day because your credibility is seriously in doubt now. Better yet don’t even do the surf board because I understand if you cant make the show you never get your board anyway.
And fans stop spamming accounts with votes that will never count don’t buy into their hype and give them free advertising when they wont even honor your choice.
Check out some YouTube videos for yourself.

But as your look for more information you will find people have been saying for years the awards are rigged. Are they rigged or are you just being duped to drive traffic to a website with your votes. Decide for yourself. Keep fighting it out and having fun because you only get to be a teen and do stupid stuff for four short years of your life. I could care less one way or the other because there was not one act that performed on that show last night I would ever spend a dime on to listen to.  My choice and you have yours.


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