The Lukasiak Girls Grace Dance Moms again. By: Dawn V.

Last night Dance moms went back to it’s roots.  Christi Lukasiak and her daughter Chloe returned to Dance Moms,  We even saw appearances by the youngest Lukasiak Girl Clara.   Only thing missing to make it a new show would be for Dad to make an appearance. I still think this family needs a show all to themselves.

As most of our fans know we were late to the Dance Moms scene. We had to catch up on DVD and reruns.  Let me just say that I know why the show got boring for us now.  Christi Lukasiak just brings the drama. Her and Jill Vertes together are better than a three ring circus and then Bless Holly Frazier for trying to bring some logic to this show.  Give up Holly, it is not there. Nothing logical at all about women screaming “Fame Whore” At anyone, Moms starting fights and then saying “Are you happy now, are you happy, you made my daughter cry” I kinda think that was you mom. You started the fight with opening your mouth. You walked in there with a chip on your shoulder. But then again that is why you are still on the show. Because you and your mouth bring the drama the producers want and make the show interesting.
Last night was pretty funny with the facial affects of Dance Mom Holly Frazier. Sorry Holly but be prepared you just gave the world tons of new memes last night.
tumblr_lwkcw4ihwe1r8xf2bo1_500 Yes Girl you will go down in history for your facial expressions on this show.

2Does any one remember this?  Wasn’t so long ago the girls were happy to see Chloe. Last night all they wanted to see was the back of her head leaving.  Abby lee Miller stated “none of them wanted the Lukasiaks back on the show. They had to tape that scene 8 times to get the result they wanted” One of the dance moms said this is not true and they had remained friends with the Lukasiak through the years.  I don’t know a lot about filming but I think if I had been held up for 8 tapings I would be crying too at the end. But of all the moms on this show the one who told us that statement was false we believe.
Last nights show was full of tears and emotions
First Nia has us in tears with talking about how badly Abby treated her, Then we have Kendall crying and that face is just to pretty to ever cry. And Chloe crying just tore me up. “I don’t do chants, I do hands, I want to dance with my family” Yes, baby girl we want you to dance with your family too.
Did they bring Christi back because her and Jill are the only ones who can keep this show funny?  I Mean come on this show has been as dry as  the Sahara until last night and Jill went to work on Christi.
And the fireworks never stopped all night.  You know it was set up. Sorry moms but everyone knows that Chloe could not go back to ALDC as long as there was a chance of Abby walking into her own studio. So the fighting while funny was not believable last night. But it does lead up to wondering what it will be like when Christi joins the team. We already know how some moms feel about it. Hello, Ashlee? Anyone see Ashlee or Brynn?  They bailed on the elites and went to the Mini’s.  But they were there last night. We did see Brynn professionally licking and chewing on her hot chocolate cup. Someone buy the girl a refill.
The funniest line on the show last night was Christi yelling at new mom whose name we do not even know because, well, she just is not a stand out to us.  Christi said Kate Goslin wanted her hair back. Oh Christi you missed it but we do know why you do not like the woman wearing the JoJo Bow Bow every week.
tumblr_n2jtffW8VP1reh41so1_500 Sorry Mom you picked the wrong hairstyle for this show and while it has not hit the moms yet who you remind them of this might help them some. You maybe should start packing now. Yes Cathy we miss you. But hey look we have a copy cat.
th1OH MY GAWD!! That’s it!! I knew she reminded me of someone!!

Can we just talk about this lady right here.
Laurieann-Gibson-Dance-Moms-Lifetime-620x375Lauriann Gibson is amazing!! Lifetime should have hired her from the beginning. I found it hysterical that she said on twitter she had never watched the show until the moms called her.
Gibson was trained at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Company before becoming a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color and choreographing the 2003 film Honey (she also played Katrina, Jessica Alba’s dance nemesis).
Lauriann is so kind to the girls and knows exactly what to say to them to build them up. I would love to see her take Nia under her wings and mentor her like Sia has with Maddie. That girl would be a superstar in no time at all with Lauriann in her corner.
thYea, wish I had thought of that about 12 years ago.

Last nights show was fun but not sure I am going to like this new format of them showing 15 minutes of the next show and we don’t see the dances at all. I know, I know, it is dance moms not dance girls but you know we all tune in to see the girls dance so show it.
A lot of the haters are saying that Christi and Chloe back on the show will be the death of the show. I have to disagree and think the producers knew what was happening to the show.
th89EYIXSC Ratings dropped when the lukasiaks left the show. They fell again when the Zeiglers left the show.  Bringing back Chloe and Christi might just breath new life into how many seasons Lifetime wants to milk it for.  I don’t think it will be many. Because the girls all are going in different paths now.
Kalani is modeling and has several clothing lines going plus doing some acting, Kendall announced live on Instagram last night she has two movies she is filming, Chloe is doing movies, writing books, has a clothing line she is working on and a web show called Chloe Does it, Nia is acting and doing a lot with her singing now as well as making videos for her you tube channel and making appearances.  Nia and Kendall both said in the past 48 hours they are back in school now. Keep in mind the teen years are very stressful and with all these girls have going for them I don’t see how they will have time to do a series. And So many fans say if they only have the mini’s they would not watch because they do not want to start over and get invested in a new team of girls. I love Lilly K but cant stand Yolanda to look at, hear, or see so she would keep me from watching a season with just Mini girls.
And Jill just for the sake of  fighting would you please repeat after me:

“That’s right girl. You are not an original but I am and I am back bitches”


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