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JoJo Siwa JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life Review. By Carlos Rodriquez

JoJo Siwa has proven with her book she is more than a singer and dancer. She may also one day be a motivational speaker. Her book indicates she is a great role model girls should follow. By Celebrity Reporter for Junior Hollywood Reporter Carlos Rodriquez.

From Page one this book is a page turner. It is packed with great information all girls should know about Social Media trolls, how to be themselves and accept themselves as well as being a guide parents should be using in today’s society to teach their kids how to be kind to others.
Her book is packed with great Photos of the mini super star and some just have you saying awwwww.
The one stand out in this book is that JoJo praises Abby Lee Miller all through it. She gives credit to Abby for giving her opportunities to be on her shows (AUDC and ALDC Dance Moms)  Something the so called star of the show failed to do.  She never says one thing negative about Abby or her Dance moms family as she calls them instead gives an inside look at what it was like being on both shows.
JoJo shares what time they arrived, The living arrangements, how long it took for the girls to accept her and left out all the negatives we have already seen on the show.  Her book is all about being positive in a negative world and was an excellent read.
JoJo tells about the people behind the camera we never hear about and how wonderful she was treated by all of them.
She gives sound advice on how to build self confidence, what to do if you are being bullied and what to do if you see others being bullied.  The book is just a road map to success for all preteen and teen girls in today’s society but also contains lessons parents should teach their children from birth.
It certainly contains great lessons some of the Dance Moms fandom should not only read by live by.
I don’t want to give away to much of the book but I Just want to rave over and over how good it is. I feel like I know JoJo now after reading her book. She goes into her family dynamics and how they make it work with her and her mom being in CA and her dad and brother being in Wyoming.  She tells how often they fly home or the father and brother fly out. The fans assume they just stayed in CA and abandoned the family and rag on it a lot in groups on social media.  JoJo proves them wrong again. YES GIRL!!
JoJo takes you step by step in her life and I learned a lot I did not know she had been involved in.
She has signed a major contract with Nickelodeon which to this reporter now makes her the most successful Dance moms cast member yet.  Not only is her merchandise flying off the shelves world wide but she just keeps climbing higher and higher up the ladder.
I loved the one sentence JoJo added in her book so nonchalantly that you might miss it.  She said she knows what friends are real friends and which ones want to use her friendship to get jobs. Or something to that affect. That was something I was concerned about seeing recent people pulling on her coat tails who were cruel to her on National TV.
Regardless of what the trolls who think only one star can emerge from this show this one is going to reach the top and have a life time career because she is doing it on talent and not on connections. So they might want to re think that philosophy.
JoJo gives great advice about Trolls.  Do not feed them. If you interact with them it is like taking them to a buffet.  Ignore them. Be kind to them and if all else fails block them.  Do not give them the attention they crave.

I not only suggest all girls read this book I suggest everyone read it. Parents use it as a guide to raising positive kids, kids use it to find out ways to be happy regardless of what others think or say about you and most of all every one use it to learn how to be kind.
All Dance Moms fans should read it. I think  it will give you some insight into what you think goes on.


Why Publicist Trick Fans Using PROMances.

Researched and Written by Carlos R for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

In the dark ages, you know, when our grandparents were young, PROmances became a thing in Hollywood used to cover up Sexuality of stars to keep them desirable in the public eye.  Women tend not to swoon over Rock Hudson so much knowing he preferred their husbands to them.   But is it right for it to still be used in today’s society? Why not just let them be good friends instead of lying to the public?
Do celebrities really need to still hide their sexuality?  Who would not fan them if they knew they were gay?  I mean how many successful stars are known to be Gay now? A lot of them. Almost the majority of them. So why hide it? To me I tend not to trust someone who has to hide this very important detail of their lives.
PROmances are also used by publicist to bring attention to upcoming stars they want to build a following for.  Say a young star is suddenly swamped with rumors she is gay.  Is it the publicist of the parents wanting to fake the romance and put her in a PROmance.  Why bother?  Over half her followers are gay and that is a huge support network. So isn’t she denying she is exactly like them and therefore not worthy of their commitment to her.  Suddenly out of the blue she is paired with a boy.  Oh they have known each other for years and have been good friends but now all of a sudden her millions of followers are following him too. He want from 256 followers to millions. Thing is he is not even a celebrity or a start up celebrity that we have found.
But if you look at the photos they post neither of them will ever win an Emmy. The only time he has a genuine smile is when the new Drag Queen friend is with them. Other than that he looks completely bored and tired of the whole cover up.  Then the photos of her with her BFF girls she is very seductive and passionate looking but not so much with him. She looked staged and taking photo shoots for publicity.

Then you have publicist that think if you pair two people together it will help them move up the ladder to fame. Ok here is this girl on a popular TV show will millions of fans.  Then you have this boy band wanting to break into the business.  Lets pair them up with her and her friends.  Only problem is when they relationship ends because some of the guys are seen with a girl they really like he loses fans instead.  He is trashed on Social Media and no one cares about him or his band anymore.  It is happening all the time and you may not be aware of it but young Hollywood especially is being paired up to be used to promote each other or hide sexuality.

This is 2017.  When Rumors start that someone is gay why do they need to suddenly have a boyfriend.  Why cant they just admit to who they are? Today we seem to see the same people over and over and over again out in front when it comes to publicity.  These are the ones nine times out of ten paying for publicity.
Going to the Halloween events with the boyfriend? Publicist have to arrange to have photographers there before you even schedule the event. I am seriously considering changing my major.  Get rich and do nothing but arrange photo shoots and space in magazines.

Fans are fans. If they like you it is because they like the ability you are famous for. No one cares who you sleep with or when.  If you are straight, Bi, or Gay no one cares. What people care about is being lied to. We would much rather have celebrities paired with friends than fake lovers to hide who they are.  It is not needed anymore. And to do it tells your fans you are ashamed of not only your own sexuality but theirs as well. It tells them you do not trust them to still care about you because you are different from them. Well how do you know you are different? How many of your fans are exactly like you and feel you are hiding it? How many fans would really stop liking or following you if you are honest?
For publicist to pair up couples to build up the career of the less known is just wrong.  If you are paying this person to do this then why aren’t they pairing you in a movie, TV show or some other public performance instead of having you lie to your fans? Seriously, Stop paying them and find someone who will get you real work instead of just taking pictures of a fake life. How do you handle that stress of living a lie?
You may wonder why we care or think you would care. The facts remain if they lie about who they are what else can we believe of what they tell us? We all know one hand washes the other in Hollywood but come on this is a new age and no one cares or will like you less so fire that publicist stuck in the dark ages and be happy with who you are. You have given up enough of your life already to be in the public eye.

Bitter Teas Spilled On Twitter

Gossip reporter Carlos R for Junior Hollywood reporter.  Fed up with how these moms are trying to destroy kids careers.  Dance Moms Tea Time.

So Ashlee Allen formerly of Dance Moms takes to twitter to attack kids under the disguise of attacking their mothers.  Bitter Much Ashlee. How did that work for you. From what I saw you got 58 replies and not many of them were in support of you.

Ashlee Allen‏ 

So, I got into an argument about privilege with someone who’s been paid to be on a TV show for 7 years. That’s a pretty amazing privilege!

First of all Don’t mess with Holly and Nia. Combined their class makes you look ………….. Well Dumb.  So does thinking a contract Obligation and a privilege are the same things.  Instead of  respecting the only family that stayed from day one you want to trash them and say they are getting a special Privilege to be on a show. Aren’t you paid to be on the same show? No you have not been there for seven years and as adorable as Brynn is I really wish you would just not be there now.

Ashlee Allen‏ 

The person who NEEDS attention is the one who came crawling BACK to be on TV.

So then you decide to attack the Lukasiaks.  WOW what is your beef anyway?  How many talk shows have you been on?: Brynn?  How many has Christi and Chloe been on?: How many movies has Chloe done?  Who had time for some little dance show. Oh you did.

Constantly we heard you say Abby is going to make Brynn the next Maddie. Brynn never needed to be the next Maddie she is great as Brynn. You are the one constantly saying she is the next Maddie. Never the Star Brynn.  That is sad. really sad.

Ashlee Allen‏ @AshleeDanceMoms Sep 22

I had zero beef w till she tried to destroy Brynn by lying about her to millions of followers. That’s a big deal to a 13 year old. Smh

Yea everyone is shaking their head at this. Every one saw what Brynn put on Social Media and apparently you did too since it was deleted.  But no matter how much you delete something once it is online it is always there.
Millions of Followers?  Jealous Pettiness again surfacing when all you get is 58 responses to your post.
Ashlee face it. The fandom is more mature than you are. Brynns followers grew immediately when Chloe left the show because a lot of her fans followed Brynn and really loved this girl. But you decided to play the victim and ruined it for her.  The followers she lost has to do with her posting on Social media. Nothing to do with Christi calling attention to it.  The fans are the ones who brought it to Christi’s attention. Its not like she sits on Social Media looking to see what people are saying like some do because she does not have the time apparently you do.

We are all sorry your recent legal issues were exposed on the show. Not for you but for Brynn it was wrong. But pay attention to your child. She is back in school. She is a cheer leader. She is being a normal happy kid. Let her have that and walk away from the spotlight and shut up for once.  Let the girl be happy and enjoy life.  Stop trashing those that get more than she wants.  Your daughter looked like a shell of herself this season. She was going through trauma in her personal life with the custody fight. Instead of going on Social Media attacking other families be a mom and support your child in what she wants to do not what you want.
Yes we have been sent screen shots of you on Facebook too. Stop it. Get out of the groups and get on with your life but more importantly let Brynn get on with hers. She deserves the moon and stars not the stress and shame.
And please by all means go ahead and block up like you do everyone who doesn’t agree with you and your online bullying. But even if you do block us we wish Brynn all the happiness  in the world no matter what SHE decides is best for her.

When Positive Equals Negative

There is a new drive on for Positive Social Media post. I am all for it. But not when it is immediately made negative by the names used to promote it. By Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

I recently saw something on Twitter about positive post on Social Media and I was immediately interested in it.  I would love to see more positive post especially from our young celebrities or D list Celebrity wanna be’s anyway.
You see the same ones all the time clinging to A and B listers trying to climb that ladder without earing it. I respect those who earn it but have no time for the tag alongs who use any and Every name out there for recognition.
But to constantly post negative things on social media such as posed of licking your lips and trying to look sexy with your mouth hanging wide open is not positive for your young followers. You look like you are trying to clear vomit from your mouth and not the last bit sexy in the first place.
Posing in sexy bathing suits that barely cover your body at 13 is not positive influences I want for my younger friends or family and neither is laying in bed and all over some boy in every shot regardless of age.
So let me tell you what I see as a Positive Social Poster.
A young lady who post weekly about role models and the good they do. Bringing recognition to those who do good works. That is a positive role model.
A young lady who remains humble and while she announces things coming out she is doing she does not bombard the fans with it constantly and demand they take part buying or going to events they are a part of. That is a positive role model.

A 13 year old posting videos of opening gifts sent by fans and tossing it to the side like it is junk not good enough for them is not a positive role model. The same person constantly asking fans to send them GOOD gifts is not a role model. You make millions and you ask fans for stuff?  Good Stuff?  Give me a break.
Constantly showing what you are selling and begging fans for support is wrong. You make millions and your fans can not afford what you are selling so why put that stress in their lives. They want it of course but they can not afford it so you are making them feel bad by constantly making them feel like they need to buy them.
I appreciate someone who treats their fans with respect much more than some one who uses their fans to pad their bank accounts and hope others will follow suite.

I met Irma. Not Hurricane Irma but 92 year old Hurricane Survivor Irma.

By: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

When my brother came to me all excited about a college elective we could take and would be able to volunteer in the forest and state parks and learn so much I was skeptical. First of all my brother does not always research things completely.  Second of all my brother does not know the concept if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
The more I looked into it the more I thought well this doesn’t sound to bad.  The only concern I had and still have is taking the rest of our classes online for this semester.  It is hard. very hard.
Our parents were all for it. No Freshman partying for us. Oh no sir not going to happen.
August in Florida is hot. It is really hot. And buggy. I can honestly say I learned how to identify a lot of bugs. No see ems suck. You can not see them but they have teeth like shark on them that bite to the bone. Love bugs? Who named them that? I don’t care why. No one loves them.
In August We had nice cabins with screened porches, fire pits in the yard and surrounded by beautiful nature. We learned to identify a lot of plants and animals, I saw my first alligator that was not captive.  We went to a lot of great places on our days off and learned so much of the history of the area.
September arrived and we moved to our permanent place until the end of Dec.  Holy Mary mother of Jesus. What have I got myself into????  We are now in RVs in the middle of no where in the middle of the woods that takes four miles to get out of. Irma decided to visit.  We are evacuating, No we are not, yes we are. no we are not. GET OUT GET OUT NOW!!! What the heck???
The bus cant get to us because the interstate is grid locked. We have one vehicle shared by six volunteers.  Then it was decided to move us to a parking lot in the RV’s. Hello did you hear the words hurricane is coming?
I am not one to complain a lot (Regardless of what my brother says) But you put six young adults ages 18-22 in three RVs and park them up against a building when a Hurricane is coming and you have mass panic.  Luckily I am doing this adventure with my brother and one other good friend and don’t think for one minute my brother has not heard more times than he can count what a bad idea this was.
The first night of Parking lot camping we sat outside all night in camping chairs getting eaten alive by bugs watching the trees shift in the wind. It was not strong wind but none the less it was a forewarning wind.
We finally go to sleep around 5 am and by 6 am we are wide awake with banging on our RV door and rain beating down so hard it sounds like the roof will come in on us at any second. The people from the first and last RV have decided ours in the middle is the safest and we will all ride it out in this one.  Yea ok had nothing to do with them being scared and not wanting to be alone at all.
So now six of us are crowded into one RV with the rains and winds rocking us but honestly we can see out the windows and were constantly gasping at how bad the first one was rocking. We rocked a few times but nothing bad.
We had food and water and were not worried about how long we had to stay in the first few hours. After four hours of the rain beating down on us we were done. Get us out of here. The shopping center stores were all closed and no plans to reopen for several days so we could not get inside any of the buildings.   We had not seen hide nor hair of those who moved us here.  We were in this together for better or worse.
We survived four days in a parking lot waiting for it to arrive, going through it and waiting for word that it was safe to return. Finally on the fourth day word arrived we could return and drivers were coming to get us. Ok you figured it out didn’t you? We were not so sure we wanted to return.
Once we got there we got a huge surprise. No electricity. None. Not a drop.  We had to run off generators. And were told to cut them off at night when we went to sleep. don’t run them non stop because Gas was in short supply.  Have I mentioned this is in Florida heat?  Cutting them off means this tin can has no AC and it gets very hot in there. Oh open the windows. Good idea and let in some more hot air.  We were absolutely miserable.
Our second day back we were told to be at the end of the road (Four Miles) at 8 am the next morning we were going to go help with clean up.  This is when my attitude changed.
Our discomfort was temporary and we would survive it but I met families who live in Fla all year long with barely anything. And what little they did have was destroyed during the storm.  I met people who had more than they will ever need and do you know what they were doing with it? Loading it in the back of trucks and trailers and giving it to those who had nothing. I met people who just drove up and started handing out bottles of water and snacks from their cars to anyone they saw that might need it.
And then I met her. I met Irma.  Yes I did and she changed my life forever. Not Hurricane Irma but 92 year old Irma.  She was tired, hot and saddened that her little shack of a house lost most of its windows and porch but she smiled when we pulled up. She was sitting in a folding chair under a tree in her yard wiping her face with a damn cloth.  I did not realize until much later that the dampness likely was her own sweat.
I told her how sorry I was for her and she smiled and said honey don’t be sad for me. I have so much more than others have. I still have a roof over my head even if I don’t have windows.  I still have a home that is mine and paid for and my garden has been good to me this year so I have food.  I learned that Irma actually has five acres. She lets neighbors garden and can most of the land in return they tend her crops and can her food for her now that she cant do as much as she used to.
Irma was thrilled we were there and told us stories of her life while we worked to clean her area up. She was thrilled to have us there and cooked a pot of soup over a fire. Yes, hot as it was she made soup in a big cast iron pot over an open flame. She said she cooks this way most of the year to keep from heating her house because she only has one window AC unit she runs in her bedroom at night some nights.  Not all nights only some when it is just to hot to get comfortable.
Irma told us about her husband who died 20 years ago and what a wonderful man he was. He was a great husband and father. She told us about her son and grandson who both died in wars. She told us about her daughter who moved to New York and is a success now. She told us she used to see more of her than she does now but she knows she is busy with her own life and she is so proud of her. After all her daughter is up in age now and traveling is hard on both of them.
Irma told us about how she loves the lord and knows that when he is ready to take her home she will go home. Not until. But what was really funny was Irma said she had watched the TV and knew Irma the hurricane was very bad and she wished they had named it Imogene because she knew an Imogene when she was a girl and Imogene was much Meaner than Irma could ever be. I believed her.
Miss Irma made me realize we were together in an RV during the Hurricane and scared beyond reasoning.  There were six of us together and still we were terrified. Miss Irma was a 92 year old woman with faith in God that she would not go until her time and she was all alone and never once was she scared.  She knew if she took her chair and went and sat under the tree in the shade that friends and neighbors and yes, even strangers would come along and help her clean up and make repairs she needed to her home. While we were there two truck loads of men from her church arrived with windows to replace hers that had broken and wood to repair her porch and even though sweat was dripping off all of us she dipped out a cup of soup for every one who showed up even if they were only there to check on her and see what she needed.  She was giving more than she was receiving but I don’t think she knew that. Or maybe she did. You see Miss Irma woke hearts that day. Every time I am afraid or think I have something to complain about I will think with a happy heart about the 92 year old Miss Irma thankful for just a wave from a passing car on the road each day. Someone to acknowledge they see her and know she is still there.
Miss Irma taught me much this day but the best thing is she invited us to come back. She is going to teach us how to cook over a fire, but we have to split wood to learn it. That’s ok there is still plenty of trees laying around waiting for us to come back and cut them up for her. Now instead of dreading our days off with no where to go and nothing to do we will hike the six miles through the woods to Miss Irma’s house and spend our day off with her learning more than they could ever teach us in this class.
Don’t tell my brother I said this but I am now very happy he found out about this program and looking forward to every day I get to spend with Miss Irma learning and listening to her stories.

Big Brother #19 Full of Twist or Boring? #BB19 @CBSBigBrother

This season of Big Brother has been an epic season of people learning to scream new words at the TV including yours truly.  By: Carlos Rodriguez for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

This season started out looking pretty good until someone took a temptation. Who was that again? Oh yea that shady looking old dude named Kevin.   Look at the camera dude the big brother house is not a witness protection home.  He just creeps me out.
a Yea this guy.

I can understand Kevin taking the money in the beginning. He thought it was the only chance he had of winning any money In the game. I am not going to drag his family because if you watch the show you already know his story.  But his taking the money bought this guy back into the game:
giphy No Duck this season.  It was the only thing that made Paul interesting.

So I am sorry Kevin but you just made yourself public enemy number one of the viewers for unleashing the twist that let this guy back in the house.  One season of Paul was enough. Really. It was .
Immediately the line was drawn in the sand for Cody. He wanted Paul out first Paul wanted to work with Cody.  Cody knew immediately he could never be Paul’s Victor and like the guy or not you had to respect his game play of not wanting to be any part of the Paul puppet show.
codypaul1 Really the best move should have happened. But it did not.  So here we are how ever many weeks later still watching the puppets be led by Paul and Cody is in the Jury House.
Yes Boo Boo Really? Aren’t you watching your honey play. Oh I guess with your job you work nights right? Jess is a cutie but lets be honest this duo ruined their own games by confusing games and thinking they were supposed to be rabbits the rest of the season with no game play.
b Yep Even Josh is still in the house.  Come on Big Brother where did you get these guys this season. Was anyone else having to get your buddies to help you get your jaw off the floor when this guy said he had a degree in Business and was very smart?  Cudos to you Josh you play the dummy very well.
Really Cody? Really? You threw away your game for romance? I sure hope it works for you guys outside and if you and Jess go on Amazing race remember you have to come out of your room to run.  I will be cheering for you because I really want to see if you are not an introvert after all.

Are you confused yet?   Well hang on it gets better.  No one is playing a game to win this season except Cody, Jessica and Paul. The rest I swear to God say they just want to make it to Jury. The house is  open and there are two people there waiting for you. Run boys and girls run. Get over there and lets pull the plug on this nightmare.

Then comes a special addition of Friday night big brother and what do we get. This guy:
thSZAED585Really Big Brother? Really?  This was the only former player you could get to come back. But Thank God it was not Nicole.
so smart
I would have to stop watching at this point.

This season of BB has been the worst in history and has the fans wondering will there be a season 20.
This season is supposed to be all about twist and turns. Julie announced this is the end of them a few weeks ago. I guess CBS Forgot because here we go with a new one this week.
Temptation Twists: Apple Powers
Second Veto
Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes
Bounty On Your Head
Can’t Play In Next HoH
Save A Friend


The only good thing about this season of big brother has been all the extra napping we are getting in while the show is on.  Don’t believe me just ask the pros. Can we just stop it now and call a truce?

Fans are speculating that BB screwed up royally last season when everyone heard the conversations in the house that production told everyone to work with Nicole and let her win it.  So are they bringing Paul back to let him win and everyone knows to roll over and play dead? I want to hold onto a little faith it is not rigged otherwise they would have brought this guy back instead.
untitled There would have been no showmances at all this season because all the girls would want to be with Victor and well there is only one of him.

So with a hopeful heart I say lets wait and see what happens if we can all stay awake to actually see someone on the house stop drinking the Kool Aid and wake up and decide to play the game.

A Project Turns on the Haters

Hi guys. Drake Culpepper here. We have had some attacks on Social Media lately and decided to clean up a few things. You can believe me or not. But if you don’t just move on and spread your hate somewhere else. There is to much hate in the world today for me to even imagine engaging with the haters.

I started this project because I am in my first year of College studying to be a journalist. My family does not normally take this path of chosen career but it is what I had a passion for and wanted to explore it.  Not just a journalist but one that did good for people . My sister and some friends and I decided we would start out supporting upcoming stars and help them get exposure. We had no idea how hard it is to build a following but then again we had no idea we would be lied on either.
One of the popular Dance Moms supporters started telling everyone that we are fake.  We are not who we say we are.  We are an old grandma.  We are none of these things.   And we are not a popular troll we were  accused of being either.(Sorry forgot the name)  You see the reason they are undermining us is because they shared info with us they wanted us to print.  Negative info about some of the cast members. Only problem is we verify things before we print it. We do not take someone word for it and print it to get sensationalism because we are not trying to build a rag mag here but a reputable source of information. if something can not be verified we just store it away and have no intention of every printing dirty laundry unless we clean it up first.  We don’t care which stars or reality people are having affairs, getting divorced, gay, bi, or what ever. We care if they are doing something that deserves attention that other sources are not giving them because they are not yet A listers.
If one of the Dance Moms or anyone else  told us they wanted us to do a story on their child of course we would be happy to do it. We would ask them to provide pictures of the event  they wanted used and write what they want us to tell.  If some fan sends us a picture and says you need to out this person as being bisexual, then we have no interest because that is their business and when they want it known they will tell it.
Then we have a pretty popular Hallmark star as well as a Disney star that clearly has ticked off some fans who constantly inbox us to tell this or that. We have no proof this happened because they cant prove it to us.  Why would we print it.
It is nothing for us to get over 250 mailings or messages a day.  Some we breeze through and say yea not doing that.  Nope, not interested, or are they kidding?
So believe who you want, believe what you want, we could not change your mind and have no intention of trying. Nor do we plan on going away just because you don’t like that we are here.
Yes this world is full of free speech and freedom of information acts and all that good stuff and yes, some things we were able to verify but who would it benefit to print smut? Not us for sure because that is not the label we want attached to us. Nor do we want to out anyone or inflict pain on anyone’s family.
We have a right to say we are not fans of someone and just because you are that does not mean we have to be.
Today I got a lengthy message from someone demanding we take down our account on all Social media.  A. We are not even on Facebook and have no plans of going on there any time soon but apparently we may want to because someone is afraid we will find out something.  B. Yes, we did have sources in groups for various shows on Facebook for awhile. They were there to gather data and find out what the fans wanted.  We did our work and we worked hard to find out what interest is out there. Who is hot now.
Just because we do not cover your favorite reality show star that does not mean we hate them it just means when they do something worth covering we will cover it if we feel it is appropriate for a young age group.  If not we will continue to not cover them.
Because several of us are doing volunteer work this summer we are accused of not being who we say we are.  Seriously? For volunteering and exploring things of interest to us. No one said this is what we want to do we just like being involved and learning new things. We have lives outside of this project and have no intention of allowing it to consume all our time.
So we have decided last night to break things up. As of Today we will all still work on our articles and who ever has the time will write them up.  Sabrina, my sister will cover Twitter and Instagram. Dawn will do our You Tube and reviews.  Carlos has to remain our gossip person because well honestly no one else can do it like he does. And Alexis our youngest member will fill in for all of us when we are just to busy doing things that will help our futures and don’t have the time to post on  Social Media.
I hope this clears up any misconception some of you may have and remember I can call you an elephant but that does not make you one. Accept the project for what it is, some people trying to help D listers move up the ladder and cover them more than we do the A listers who everyone and their brother already covers.  That doesn’t mean we will never cover the established stars, yes we have been called out for doing that as well.  Sometimes I just sit back and shake my head at the comments we get.   Get off the computers people and go out and live life. Stop living everyone else life but your own.