Chloe Lukasiak- Maddie Zeigler Rivalry lives On-Or Does It?

Yes it does live on because the fans keep flaming the fires. Is there even a rivalry at all? Do the girls not speak to each other? All these experts who live with these girls daily or so it seems think they know it all. I am calling publicity on this one-Written by: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Swift and Katie Perry started a new trend going that seems the fans of Dance Moms have decided needed to be used to boost their favorite girl on the show.  For years we have heard how Chloe is jealous of Maddie, How Maddie is jealous of Chloe.  Are they? I don’t think so. These two girls walk such different paths in Hollywood it is likely they never even cross paths unless they are at the same events. And that is not likely to happen often unless it is something like Nia’s birthday party.
Maddie fans immediately took to social media and said that Chloe left because Maddie was there and some of the click bait rag mags picked up on it and ran with it. If you take the time to examine things you might be wondering who left first?  You see there is a photo (that is worth a thousand words) of Chloe being interviewed outside. Look behind her . There is Maddie exiting the building. Was she leaving?  If people wanted to start unfounded rumors against Maddie they could say well here is proof that Maddie is leaving and not Chloe.    Also they say Chloe refused to have pictures taken with Maddie.
How about this.  Nia is a friend of both girls.  Out of respect for their friendship with Nia all the girls showed up. Chloe looked amazing because she was on her way to another event and stopped to show respect to Nia. She was already gone when the group pictures were taken.   Maddie had been at Radix all week end and came straight from there still in her dance clothes.  When have you ever seen Maddie not look her best at any event? Come on. Think. Stop making assumptions. They stopped by out of respect for their friendship for Nia.
Why must fans tear these girls down to build up the other one. It is not building the other one up at all. It makes them look bad to hiring agents who do not want hate filled groups jinxing their projects. BOTH girls.  Leave them alone and if you like what they are doing support it. If you don’t then don’t support it. simple fix.  But no one has a right to go on social media 24/7 and slander either of these girls. They did nothing to deserve it and if this is how you honor them giving up their lives to entertain you then you my friend are not a fan. You are a troll.
Maddie fans say she is better because she has done this, that or the other with Sia. Yes she has. Who else has she danced in videos for? If Sia stopped using her tomorrow who would she dance for or has she been labeled mini Sia?  Think about things logically.  Why hasn’t she danced in other videos?  Chloe has danced for several artist in videos but Maddie fans tear that down and say she is not dancing for big stars.  She does not work with big stars like Maddie did in the book of Henry.
Excuse me? Have you never heard of Bailee Madison, Nicole Muñoz ,Peter Gallagher , or the host of stars in Center Stage on Pointe.
Maddie fans even went so far as to put bad reviews on the two movies Chloe did calling out Chloe as the only bad actor in the films. Anyone reading those reviews immediately know those are the hate filled Maddie fans doing that.
Yes, we did not like the Book of Henry. Not because Maddie as in it but because she was not in it enough and the story line just did not mesh.  The story is about Henry and Christina.  Henry dies in the beginning and Christina is barely seen in the movie. What was that? We felt let down that she did not have a bigger role especially considering the price of a movie ticket for her fans who supported this movie buying tickets to barely see her.
My point is both girls are working with famous people. Both girls are doing what they want to do.  If one happens to be dancing more and the other is acting more then that is what they want to do.
Maddie fans say that Chloe doesn’t deserve dance awards because she is not even dancing.  How many of you live with her? stalk her? what ever that you know whether she is taking dance lessons or not?  You follow these dance moms accounts who all swear they have an insider telling them every thing. A few of us do have someone inside and a few of us out of respect do not post things until the girls publicist or they themselves release it.  Because it is not about scooping anyone else. It is about telling the fans what they are doing in a respectful manner.
But the majority of these accounts spend their lives on their computers stalking others accounts so they can hurry and publish what they see others post. Whether it is verified or not.
To be honest I can not verify if Maddie and Chloe hate the sight of each other or not.  I don’t think it is my place to because only Maddie and Chloe can do that.  Have the two fandoms ever considered these two girls do not want to be seen together because they might lose fans over it?  The hatred in the fandoms is so strong they know some of their fans will turn on them if they are friends.  Imagine that.  You the fan are keeping them apart not any stupid non existent rivalry over some fake competitions on a fake reality show.
Some insiders have even hinted that some of the most hateful fans are on payroll and encouraged to keep the rivalry going to keep the girls in the limelight.  I have no proof of this just like others putting the rivalry in writing have any proof there is one.  But it sure sounds possible.
How about this both fandoms kill the hate and let these girls enjoy their careers, their own circles of friends, possibly get more work because the fandoms wont be attacking and take off with amazing careers.  And if one or both say look I want to take a year off and just be a normal teen and go to school, prom, graduate with my friends I grew up with and start college then support that decision because at the end of the day you truthfully have no say in their lives.
If you can not be a true supportive fan without tearing down other girls on the show then maybe your fandom would be more appreciated at WWE where everyone talks smack about each other.
I know I am tired of the insanity that full grown adults have perpetrated on this show and am sure others are as well.   Spend time with your family instead of sitting on line calling these girls mothers names and trying to think you have some control over their lives. Try to imagine how your child would feel if people were saying the same things about you.  Either grow up or move on please, just give these girls respect they deserve. Both of them have amazing careers if they decide this is what they want. If they don’t then back off and let them live their own lives.


Will The Real Abby Lee Miller Please Stand Up? By: Sabina C. and Alexis T.

On June 4th 2017 Abby Lee Miller announced she would do a brief meet and autograph signing at a friends store in Tampa. So we did what any group of close friends would do. First we argued over who would cover it. Then we drew straws with the two shortest straws having to go. Just to be fair none of us are fans of Abby Lee Miller or her show. But we do have followers who are so we knew we needed to see this legend dance teacher in person.
First it was a miserable hot dreary rainy gray day in Tampa on June 4th and we were told the doors would open at 2. Expecting a huge turnout we arrived at 1 to find 29 people there waiting to get in. First of all to be fair we were already grouchy from driving from Orlando to Tampa in the rain.  Had we known Abby was making the same drive we would have called her up and said “Hey Abby how about giving us a lift, we will pay for gas”  We hate driving in Florida. Even more so in the rain.
We both came away with different views so here are those two opinions of our day:

ALEXIS:   I want to start off by saying I am not an Abby Lee hater.  I understand why she needs to be tight on the moms because they tend to try to take over if she is not firm with them.  I don’t like the mean things she says to the kids but not being on the set we really do not know how much production has to do with it.
Abby made a grand entrance with her hair in rollers so her friends told us no pictures of her arriving. My first opinion was OMG she is so pretty in person.  I did notice most of the kids were nonchalant about her entrance and more interested in looking at the dance wear in the Attitudes boutique.  But one little fan made me laugh out loud when she said “Oh my god, She sounds exactly like she does on TV” I don’t know why it hit me as so funny. What did she expect her to sound like?
Abby went into make up and hair some where in a back office and people started to take their places.
When Abby came out she was made up and looked nothing like the Abby who arrived. I would say time for a new hair and make up person or send this one back to school. Abby looked thin when she arrived and when she took the stage her hair was so blown out if made her look heavier and she honestly did not need stage makeup being in the same room with no movie cameras rolling.
She was polite and very friendly and nothing like what you see on TV. She gently guided young girls on how they should sit and talked to them the way a doting mother talks to her child.   I do wish she had saved the pictures until last but she did them first taking away from the time she talked.
I learned some new things when she was talking but most of what she said I had seen before in other videos fans have posted. Some of the things she said we had to verify with others because it bothered us both I will let Sabrina tell you about that since she is the one who did the verification.
One suggestion I would make to anyone who does these type of meetings is anyone who comes through the door buys a ticket. When we were in line we heard several adults say they were just going to stand off to the side and paid for the child only however we saw those same adults take an extra free tee shirt they did not pay for. That bothered me that they were blatantly stealing.
We could not stay the entire time because Sabrina had an interview at Raymond James Stadium that afternoon but I enjoyed the time listening to Abby talk and seeing a different side of her.


Who arrives with progresso soup can size rollers in her hair yelling no pictures? Abby Lee Miller that is who. We saw you sitting behind the store. You had time to take the rollers out before coming in. You knew you were going to the meet up why did you not get ready before you went? What are you teaching your students other than do not arrive looking your best.  What did those kids waiting to see you learn? Do not always have your best foot forward when in public meeting fans.
Secondly get rid of that old fashioned hair and make up. You do not need it and are much more attractive with your natural hair and make up.
Now for the meet up. So so, Nothing she has not said a million times. Abby has a prepared speech for every single meet and greet. Its all the producers fault what ever it is.  She got a hang nail? Its the producers fault, She rented a very expensive building in a very bad  part of town (According to one fans mom who has been to ALDC LA) All the producers fault.  She had to pay for floors and remodeling out of her pocket for HER Studio. All producers fault. She did not have costumes and had to make them for HER Studio. All producers fault.
Here is  a clue Abby they were there to film a “Reality” Show not support your lifestyle or give you a dream studio.  You did the studio rescue show. Couldn’t you rescue your own studio out of pocket.   By the way calling out your friend saying you met her because you saved her studio was just tacky as all get out.
When asked what was Abby’s favorite Maddie solo one of her friends rudely yelled “Chandelier” From the back and Abby laughed and said “Oh yea, Chandelier because I had absolutely nothing to do with it” But she never answered the question.
Then of course Abby could not let a minute pass by that she did not throw a dig at the dancer she is the most jealous of her fame. Abby not one person in that audience (Which was slim) Asked you a question about Chloe but you had to throw shade on her.  Abby alleged NOT ONE Of the girls or mother’s wanted Chloe back. NOT ONE.  She said she was in the hotel asleep when her make up lady arrived crying like a baby telling her Chloe is back. You said the entire cast was very upset with her coming back. Well that clearly upset some of the little fans in the audience. Were you trying to destroy fan bases? Were you trying to make your girls you taught look petty and Jealous? Because that is exactly how you came across.
Well here is the scoop. We individually contacted three of the mothers. Three of them all said “That is a lie” All three of them said they have maintained their relationships with the Lukasiak family off the show through the years. Who should we believe? I don’t think the vote is looking favorable for you Abby.
Do you dislike Chloe because she is a tall beautiful blonde like your mother and your mother clearly loved this girl? What is the issue with you and Chloe Abby? Regardless of how you feel about her mother it is very childish and immature to hold it against a child you are paid to teach.  Think about that while on your extended vacation. You owe  a lot of kids apologies because there is a huge difference between Corrective criticism and degrading a person because you don’t like them or their parents.

The only thing you teach the children is how to hate and climb over each other to get to the top. Well if that top is fake and padded with called in favors it will crumble and fall underneath the child and you are the only one they will look to for blame.
Now Abby wants people to believe she and the Zeiglers have nothing to do with each other now. Really Abby?
19190979_1263828480403505_1352046842_n So you have nothing to do with them but managed a seat at the FAMILY viewing of the Book of Henry Maddies first movie.
Abby the whole world knows you created that childs fame. We know if it had not been for you no one would have ever heard of her. Either stop lying about your relationship with her or stalking her which ever it is.
As for the meet and greet or autograph session what ever it was. I will agree. Dance moms are rude. Rude and ignorant in this case. I heard one grandmother say she had to leave because there was no seating. Plus her granddaughter got her picture taken and was like oh well ok I am done lets go. But every place we moved we picked up rude comments on our camera while we were trying to video the talk.  Common rude comments from women who said “I’m not paying I am just going to browse the store while she goes to the meet and greet. Or I will stand along the wall.” Did they? No, The grabbed every seat in there and had grandmothers standing. When one grandmother got up to get her shirt that dance studio that arrived took her seat for one of the kids and when she came back they never blinked to make that child sit on the floor with the rest. RUDE. Plus why were they even there. How many of those adults hogging chairs paid.
You are unorganized Abby. Do pictures at the end. That guarantees you have a captive audience instead of making everyone wait to hear you talk for ten minutes and then you need a break. It was two hours for Pete sake. You needed a break? Really?
Abby I don’t believe anything you said after finding out you lied about the girls and not wanting Chloe back. I feel like a bad example was set for these children there and you were just off topic with every answer. Stop telling people to turn off their phones. The world has already heard you trash the Hyland family over and over on youtube.
I hope when you come out of Jail you are a different person. You need to use this time to stop blaming the world for who you are and accept responsibility that you can change.
Fire that street walker looking hair and make up lady wearing skin tight pants and see through blouse with black bra. She looked like she slept in it. You can not look your best when your person making you up looks like she did. Or at the minimum hide her from impressionable young girls. Your friend in Tampa were the best thing about this meet up. They were professional, nice and humorous at times. Especially the lady who said “Abby decided to do this at the last minute before she leaves. And she is leaving. Oh yes she is leaving” Like she could not wait for you to get out of there. You were wrong to call out the friend gracious enough to host you as being on studio rescue. no one would know it had you not said it. You made her look like a failure while she was promoting her business of dance wear.
In Summation Abby grow up. Just grow up and read some etiquette books while you are in jail. Stop throwing out empty threats that you are going to tell the truth and it will all come out because your credibility is lacking right now. Anyone with a brain should know you are blackmailing those around you to include you and give you work. Why they are not charging you is beyond me. The world has seen the threats.
Grow up Abby. You have a chance to be so much more. Grow up and stop seeking revenge and forcing people to support you. Earn it. Stop calling in favors for kids to get jobs and make them earn it.