JoJo Siwa JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life Review. By Carlos Rodriquez

JoJo Siwa has proven with her book she is more than a singer and dancer. She may also one day be a motivational speaker. Her book indicates she is a great role model girls should follow. By Celebrity Reporter for Junior Hollywood Reporter Carlos Rodriquez.

From Page one this book is a page turner. It is packed with great information all girls should know about Social Media trolls, how to be themselves and accept themselves as well as being a guide parents should be using in today’s society to teach their kids how to be kind to others.
Her book is packed with great Photos of the mini super star and some just have you saying awwwww.
The one stand out in this book is that JoJo praises Abby Lee Miller all through it. She gives credit to Abby for giving her opportunities to be on her shows (AUDC and ALDC Dance Moms)  Something the so called star of the show failed to do.  She never says one thing negative about Abby or her Dance moms family as she calls them instead gives an inside look at what it was like being on both shows.
JoJo shares what time they arrived, The living arrangements, how long it took for the girls to accept her and left out all the negatives we have already seen on the show.  Her book is all about being positive in a negative world and was an excellent read.
JoJo tells about the people behind the camera we never hear about and how wonderful she was treated by all of them.
She gives sound advice on how to build self confidence, what to do if you are being bullied and what to do if you see others being bullied.  The book is just a road map to success for all preteen and teen girls in today’s society but also contains lessons parents should teach their children from birth.
It certainly contains great lessons some of the Dance Moms fandom should not only read by live by.
I don’t want to give away to much of the book but I Just want to rave over and over how good it is. I feel like I know JoJo now after reading her book. She goes into her family dynamics and how they make it work with her and her mom being in CA and her dad and brother being in Wyoming.  She tells how often they fly home or the father and brother fly out. The fans assume they just stayed in CA and abandoned the family and rag on it a lot in groups on social media.  JoJo proves them wrong again. YES GIRL!!
JoJo takes you step by step in her life and I learned a lot I did not know she had been involved in.
She has signed a major contract with Nickelodeon which to this reporter now makes her the most successful Dance moms cast member yet.  Not only is her merchandise flying off the shelves world wide but she just keeps climbing higher and higher up the ladder.
I loved the one sentence JoJo added in her book so nonchalantly that you might miss it.  She said she knows what friends are real friends and which ones want to use her friendship to get jobs. Or something to that affect. That was something I was concerned about seeing recent people pulling on her coat tails who were cruel to her on National TV.
Regardless of what the trolls who think only one star can emerge from this show this one is going to reach the top and have a life time career because she is doing it on talent and not on connections. So they might want to re think that philosophy.
JoJo gives great advice about Trolls.  Do not feed them. If you interact with them it is like taking them to a buffet.  Ignore them. Be kind to them and if all else fails block them.  Do not give them the attention they crave.

I not only suggest all girls read this book I suggest everyone read it. Parents use it as a guide to raising positive kids, kids use it to find out ways to be happy regardless of what others think or say about you and most of all every one use it to learn how to be kind.
All Dance Moms fans should read it. I think  it will give you some insight into what you think goes on.


A Child Needs You -Jordan’s Smile

Jordan Keffer just had his sixth birthday.  He is a little boy in a small rural town in Virginia who suffers Facial Palsy.  He needs your help to have surgery and a smile.
By: Carlos Rodriguez for Junior Hollywood Reporter.
Link to Jordan’s Social Media

Why is it when stars need help people flock to get noticed by donating but when a normal little kid needs help everyone acts like they never saw the post. Right now social media is flooded with voting for a teen choice award but people will not share a child’s story.
Celebrities ignore a request to just mention the kid and get him out there so that others might be willing to help yet when it comes to their charity they want to be recognized and they are all over the place posting to fans to help them.
Sometimes it  is not about you. Sometimes it is just about helping a kid in need. Sometimes it is not about showing off your newest clothes but instead donating to help a child.  Sometimes there are other people in this world besides you who could use a helping hand.
How many of you donate to Children’s hospitals? Well one we used to donate to turned this child down a month before holding a big charity walk to raise money. Stop kidding yourself. If they turn kids away because they can’t pay then that money you donate to build a name for yourself is not helping the kids.
Come on people let’s bring attention to a kid who needs some help!! For Once do something without doing it to be noticed and if you want to be noticed then bring your camera crew and publicist with you. I am sure his family will not care how he gets the help as long as he gets it.
He just wants to be able to smile like everyone else. Will you be part of the reason he can or will you just ignore him because he wont bring you fame?
He just wants to be able to smile like his brothers and sister. He doesn’t want to go through the rest of his life with people saying why does your face look like that. Can you imagine at six years old knowing maybe if I don’t smile people wont notice I am different? People wont make fun of me?
People will flock to movies to see Jason Tremblay play  a kid with a deformed face and that movie will make millions yet they wont donate the price of that movie ticket to help this child?
What is wrong with his world?

Will you donate the price of a movie ticket to help Jordan smile like his brothers and sister? Go fund me links can be found on his social media as well as contact information for the family.