Kendall Vertes Sends Powerful Message to Fans.

Kendall Vertes posted  a photo to Instagram yesterday that says “love me for me, not for what I look like”  What a powerful statement coming from such a beautiful young lady. Kendall is letting fans know they need to accept people for who they are in real life not just the beauty they see on the screens.
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Kendall and her mother Jill arrived on the Dance Moms scene during season two.  The first thing you noticed about kendall were her eyes. They just jump right out at you but it was not long before you see the personality behind those eyes.  Kendall has a great sense of humor seen on many of her you tube and snap chat videos.  Her mom Jill is a riot whether meaning to be or not she always makes you laugh and it is easy to see Kendall has moms personality.
The thing fans need to understand is Kendall does not need to latch onto anyone on that show to be noticed. All she has to do is walk in front of the camera.  Fans watch for different things and since we were not original fans of the show it was easier for us to notice more than dance styles, looks, or who was more popular. We saw personalities of the girls (and moms)  and wonder still how on earth this mixture of personalities managed for seven seasons to work. The producers have to all be bald now from pulling their hair out!
Everyone says Kendall latched onto Maddie Zeigler to be a star.  First of all we do read. And we do understand publicity.  Sure Maddie is the main girl pushed to fame on this show so it is natural for them to say so and so is her BFF to get them noticed next. If you follow written reports everyone including her new step father is her BFF.

I think one of the things we love most about Kendall other than that zany personality is that every summer she is a kid. She takes time off for family and isn’t working all the time.  She goes on family vacations with extended family and appears to have a well grounded family life.  The fans say she is not working so she is not serious. Yes, she is very serious. She is serious that family is everything and you can not alienate your family for a career.
Kendall appears to be very close to both of her older sisters and they appear to adore her. The glue that holds any family together is spending quality time together and her family makes sure they do this.

8 The picture of Success is a family bonded together.

Kendall has many talents other than acting and dancing, She is a great singer. She just did not have good video producers but her voice is amazing.   She plays tennis like her big sister, she is loved by her entire family who always support her on social media and in life, and I may be mistaken but I truly believe she is a daddy’s girl and loved by all her family very much.
So next time you think Kendall does not have it all think again. She has what she wants. While other kids are afraid to be out of the limelight or they will lose fans Kendall says love me as I am or don’t love me at all. She does not feel she owes her life to fame but that her life is great just like it is.  She does what she wants to do and if it is not something she wants to do then she is fine with saying no.  She wants to have her time with her family and friends back in Pittsburg. She wants to still have some normal life.
She knows she does not have to cheapen herself doing photo shoots not appropriate for her age. She knows she will succeed at what ever she decided to do with her future because her family breeds success and confidence in their children.
Kendall is fine. She will succeed at what ever she does because she knows the real importance of life. Be yourself. Love yourself. If others do not accept you for who you are then ignore them and continue to just be you. You cant be anyone else so do not try. Just love who you are and what you can do instead of always wanting to be someone else or have more than someone else.
Be a Kendall and accept everyone for who they are inside.


Did The Fat Lady Finally Sing? -Sabrina C. Writer.




True to her rudeness Abby Lee Miller took to Social Media last night posting that she has quit the Lifetime TV show Dance Moms. Well she did not say exactly she quit. She said she is no longer associated with the show.
Miss Miller tried to convince followers it was because of Creative differences with the producers .  Why do people not give the general audience credit for having a brain? I guess it had nothing to do with all the negative  publicity surrounding the dance studio owner? Throwing chairs at children? Being accused of verbal abuse and pinching her students until they bled? Week after week berating students? Getting arrested and facing Jail time for bankruptcy fraud? Being accused of smuggling money into the country and using her students to do so? No none of that negativity had a thing to do with it.
Lifetime TV when I was younger was my moms go to channel. When I was home from school lifetime was on the TV all day to watch their great family friendly movies. I don’t know what it is now but if and when I have kids I don’t think they will watch much lifetime TV. It seems they go for Shock value now over quality TV.

The moms on this show some have been good and some have been like OH MY are they for real?  In order to get your child to the top you have to be willing to step all over other moms but more importantly the other children. I did not like this at all about this show. You saw week after week other little ones get their hopes and dreams crushed and made to believe they would never be as good as the favored child. Who ever the favor of the week was. I honestly never understood why this show put all their eggs in one basket but they did and divided fan bases. This caused them to lose viewers and ratings.   Viewers just got sick and tired of watching week after week the same dance with different music and no one else being given a chance to show their talent.
Then you have to ask yourself will Miss Miller actually have to serve time for her crimes or has she used her mother’s upstanding reputation and connections once again to build her own life up?
I did buy and read Miss Millers book. I felt sad for her honestly. It seems she did not have the life she wants people to think she did. Mom was always at the studio and well to put it nicely Dad was apparently as cold and hard as Abby is.  Kids learn what they live.
I know the parents got a taste of stardom and wanted their kids to succeed so they stayed and put up with what we saw ever week. But I also do not believe all of what we saw was real. No one would keep putting their children through this.
I do know that Miss Miller getting by with her crimes is sending a horrible message to young girls of today. You do the crime and have the right connections and get by with it. She will never be a role model for young ladies because she can not conduct her own self as a lady.  Thankfully most of the girls did not adapt to her ways of acting.
I hope she is gone from this show. I seriously do. I would love to see Lifetime do a show of the girls who started out and a few of the guest who have been on this show like a dance academy type of show.  I think all of the fans are not ready to say good bye to the girls and if I knew how I would pitch the idea to them to do a scripted show of the girls at a school of the arts. Let Nia and Kendall explore their singing on the show and the others take acting and dancing lessons on the show. Not a competition team but real life of what it is really like to work for your dreams at an early age.  I would not like to see the younger girls be involved or any of the mothers at all.  If the parents are on the show make it once a year for a parents day type show where they put on a show case.  But I don’t see Brynn, Maesi, Ellie or Lilly having any place on this show because these girls are grown now. They will be going out on auditions for real jobs now.  The little ones just don’t fit in with them. And there are better dance schools out there where they can continue to learn and progress.
Anyway to cut this off. I have to wonder has Dance Moms seen the last of Miss Miller or is she just throwing another fit?   Is this the end of the show?  Lifetime send the little ones back to real life. The originals all gave up their lives to be on this show. Don’t do it to the little ones too. Send them home to their family and friends and normal life.
And for Miss Miller? Please sing louder and say its true and you are finished with mistreating children on TV forever.

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