Stars of the Day ! Carly and Martina @carlyandmartina

Music writer for the Junior Hollywood Reporter Alexis Rodriquez picks Carly and Martina for her stars of the day because they are realist. They live in the real world and do not expect or demand fans send their new music to number one over night. I mean face it everyone knows when that happens something wanky is going on with fans pushing a song ahead of others by downloading them one behind the other. Plus an MP3 song is nice but most of us like to have that CD in hand to play . Carly and Martina are taking their time and building their career the way it should be built. They write and perform songs others can relate to and are clear and easy to understand what they are singing.


Carly and Martina are 15 year-old twin singer songwriters from Chicago Ill, who have performed at  venues across the US delivering powerful vocals and harmonies. They perform their originals as well as songs spanning from The Beatles to modern-day pop.  Carly and Martina’s music career started with one song — Make Me Happy.  They wrote Make Me Happy one day after being bullied at school. Later that summer, Carly and Martina enrolled in a songwriting camp at The Evanston School of Rock and all of the students liked Carly and Martina’s song so they decided to record it at Delmark Records.

You might wonder why I chose two fifteen year olds as my star of the day choice but to me stars are more than those you see on the screen. Stars are those who excel at their craft and 15 year old Carly and Martina Spiro do that. They started writing songs when they were 11 years old. They estimate they have written about 50 songs and have about 150 unfinished songs. Can you imagine if they finish all of those this summer? Better watch out because they are coming for the music industry with a bang.

With all these girls have accomplished at such a young age the one thing they learned that others their age forget to do is stay humble with their fans and thank them for support. Yes, they sell CDs and Merchandise but they don’t post I have this and you need to go buy it. They say thank you for your support and we would appreciate you listening to our new music and tell us what you think. They want to know that the fans like what they are doing or if they need to change things up so the fans will continue to like it.   A humble and appreciative celebrity keeps a loyal fan base forever. Those who get big heads and demand you buy their things start to lose fans interest.  These girls somehow have me convinced no matter how big they get they will always be humble and have a loyal fan base.

You can follow Carly and Martina on all social media outlets and check their webpage online for free. You do not have to join a membership to see them or follow them.  Which is what real stars do. So get to know this dynamic Duo and follow their career.  Some of us can actually grow up with them keeping them always relevant to us by what they are singing about.


Grace Vanderwaal Releases New Single

Imagine being a quirky adorable 12 year old sitting in your bedroom making up songs to sing and decide you know what I want to go on America’s got Talent just to see if anyone likes my singing. You don’t even tell your friends and school mates you like to sing and the next thing you know you don’t have to tell them because everyone in America is talking about you.  Not only did Grace Vanderwaal go on the show she won it hands down.

This little pixie of a girl stepped up to the mic and started singing “I don’t know my name” and suddenly the entire country knew her name and face and were not likely to forget it any time soon. Her song was not only self written but it came at a time when American Youth needed someone to look up to and realize they were not alone in this world with not knowing who they were or where they were going. But they found hope in Grace. If this girl can get up in front of millions and sing they could do what ever they needed to do to get through life too.
Winning AGT changed this little girls life. She went into online courses being homeschooled and started traveling the country not only writing and singing songs but recording them as well. She post her songs on her youtube channel and the fans kept flocking in.
Grace has a unique voice. Not every one gets it.  But when she opens her mouth to sing you hear an old soul escaping her mouth and if you had your eyes closed you would never guess it was a young girl singing. There is just something different about her tone and raspy voice that catches your attention.
Grace is now 13 years old and has traveled the world. She has produced albums and is set to star in a documentary about her budding music career.  I bet when she walked on that stage of Americas Got Talent she never imagined how much her life was about to change forever.
Her newest release moonlight is  proof Miss Grace Vanderwaal will be around for a long time sharing her amazing talent with us.