When Positive Equals Negative

There is a new drive on for Positive Social Media post. I am all for it. But not when it is immediately made negative by the names used to promote it. By Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter.

I recently saw something on Twitter about positive post on Social Media and I was immediately interested in it.  I would love to see more positive post especially from our young celebrities or D list Celebrity wanna be’s anyway.
You see the same ones all the time clinging to A and B listers trying to climb that ladder without earing it. I respect those who earn it but have no time for the tag alongs who use any and Every name out there for recognition.
But to constantly post negative things on social media such as posed of licking your lips and trying to look sexy with your mouth hanging wide open is not positive for your young followers. You look like you are trying to clear vomit from your mouth and not the last bit sexy in the first place.
Posing in sexy bathing suits that barely cover your body at 13 is not positive influences I want for my younger friends or family and neither is laying in bed and all over some boy in every shot regardless of age.
So let me tell you what I see as a Positive Social Poster.
A young lady who post weekly about role models and the good they do. Bringing recognition to those who do good works. That is a positive role model.
A young lady who remains humble and while she announces things coming out she is doing she does not bombard the fans with it constantly and demand they take part buying or going to events they are a part of. That is a positive role model.

A 13 year old posting videos of opening gifts sent by fans and tossing it to the side like it is junk not good enough for them is not a positive role model. The same person constantly asking fans to send them GOOD gifts is not a role model. You make millions and you ask fans for stuff?  Good Stuff?  Give me a break.
Constantly showing what you are selling and begging fans for support is wrong. You make millions and your fans can not afford what you are selling so why put that stress in their lives. They want it of course but they can not afford it so you are making them feel bad by constantly making them feel like they need to buy them.
I appreciate someone who treats their fans with respect much more than some one who uses their fans to pad their bank accounts and hope others will follow suite.


Exclusive! Breaking News!! You Saw It Here First!

An Unsolicited Response by: Carlos Rodriquez for Junior Hollywood Reporter

How many times have we seen these headlines and click on them only to read news that is a week old.  Exclusive has come to mean everything everyone else reported weeks ago and you are just now catching up to copy other reports.
Breaking news!  President Abraham Lincoln Shot and killed. Well it might as well say that because some of the breaking news click bait is about that old. Not really but it is annoying as hell to see breaking news that everyone else reported on days ago.
If you want to be the first with a story put in the work and get that story but stop using click bait to draw people to your site with old news and rehashing to death what everyone else is posting.

Pet Peeve number 101.