Chloe Lukasiak- Maddie Zeigler Rivalry lives On-Or Does It?

Yes it does live on because the fans keep flaming the fires. Is there even a rivalry at all? Do the girls not speak to each other? All these experts who live with these girls daily or so it seems think they know it all. I am calling publicity on this one-Written by: Sabrina Culpepper for Junior Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Swift and Katie Perry started a new trend going that seems the fans of Dance Moms have decided needed to be used to boost their favorite girl on the show.  For years we have heard how Chloe is jealous of Maddie, How Maddie is jealous of Chloe.  Are they? I don’t think so. These two girls walk such different paths in Hollywood it is likely they never even cross paths unless they are at the same events. And that is not likely to happen often unless it is something like Nia’s birthday party.
Maddie fans immediately took to social media and said that Chloe left because Maddie was there and some of the click bait rag mags picked up on it and ran with it. If you take the time to examine things you might be wondering who left first?  You see there is a photo (that is worth a thousand words) of Chloe being interviewed outside. Look behind her . There is Maddie exiting the building. Was she leaving?  If people wanted to start unfounded rumors against Maddie they could say well here is proof that Maddie is leaving and not Chloe.    Also they say Chloe refused to have pictures taken with Maddie.
How about this.  Nia is a friend of both girls.  Out of respect for their friendship with Nia all the girls showed up. Chloe looked amazing because she was on her way to another event and stopped to show respect to Nia. She was already gone when the group pictures were taken.   Maddie had been at Radix all week end and came straight from there still in her dance clothes.  When have you ever seen Maddie not look her best at any event? Come on. Think. Stop making assumptions. They stopped by out of respect for their friendship for Nia.
Why must fans tear these girls down to build up the other one. It is not building the other one up at all. It makes them look bad to hiring agents who do not want hate filled groups jinxing their projects. BOTH girls.  Leave them alone and if you like what they are doing support it. If you don’t then don’t support it. simple fix.  But no one has a right to go on social media 24/7 and slander either of these girls. They did nothing to deserve it and if this is how you honor them giving up their lives to entertain you then you my friend are not a fan. You are a troll.
Maddie fans say she is better because she has done this, that or the other with Sia. Yes she has. Who else has she danced in videos for? If Sia stopped using her tomorrow who would she dance for or has she been labeled mini Sia?  Think about things logically.  Why hasn’t she danced in other videos?  Chloe has danced for several artist in videos but Maddie fans tear that down and say she is not dancing for big stars.  She does not work with big stars like Maddie did in the book of Henry.
Excuse me? Have you never heard of Bailee Madison, Nicole Muñoz ,Peter Gallagher , or the host of stars in Center Stage on Pointe.
Maddie fans even went so far as to put bad reviews on the two movies Chloe did calling out Chloe as the only bad actor in the films. Anyone reading those reviews immediately know those are the hate filled Maddie fans doing that.
Yes, we did not like the Book of Henry. Not because Maddie as in it but because she was not in it enough and the story line just did not mesh.  The story is about Henry and Christina.  Henry dies in the beginning and Christina is barely seen in the movie. What was that? We felt let down that she did not have a bigger role especially considering the price of a movie ticket for her fans who supported this movie buying tickets to barely see her.
My point is both girls are working with famous people. Both girls are doing what they want to do.  If one happens to be dancing more and the other is acting more then that is what they want to do.
Maddie fans say that Chloe doesn’t deserve dance awards because she is not even dancing.  How many of you live with her? stalk her? what ever that you know whether she is taking dance lessons or not?  You follow these dance moms accounts who all swear they have an insider telling them every thing. A few of us do have someone inside and a few of us out of respect do not post things until the girls publicist or they themselves release it.  Because it is not about scooping anyone else. It is about telling the fans what they are doing in a respectful manner.
But the majority of these accounts spend their lives on their computers stalking others accounts so they can hurry and publish what they see others post. Whether it is verified or not.
To be honest I can not verify if Maddie and Chloe hate the sight of each other or not.  I don’t think it is my place to because only Maddie and Chloe can do that.  Have the two fandoms ever considered these two girls do not want to be seen together because they might lose fans over it?  The hatred in the fandoms is so strong they know some of their fans will turn on them if they are friends.  Imagine that.  You the fan are keeping them apart not any stupid non existent rivalry over some fake competitions on a fake reality show.
Some insiders have even hinted that some of the most hateful fans are on payroll and encouraged to keep the rivalry going to keep the girls in the limelight.  I have no proof of this just like others putting the rivalry in writing have any proof there is one.  But it sure sounds possible.
How about this both fandoms kill the hate and let these girls enjoy their careers, their own circles of friends, possibly get more work because the fandoms wont be attacking and take off with amazing careers.  And if one or both say look I want to take a year off and just be a normal teen and go to school, prom, graduate with my friends I grew up with and start college then support that decision because at the end of the day you truthfully have no say in their lives.
If you can not be a true supportive fan without tearing down other girls on the show then maybe your fandom would be more appreciated at WWE where everyone talks smack about each other.
I know I am tired of the insanity that full grown adults have perpetrated on this show and am sure others are as well.   Spend time with your family instead of sitting on line calling these girls mothers names and trying to think you have some control over their lives. Try to imagine how your child would feel if people were saying the same things about you.  Either grow up or move on please, just give these girls respect they deserve. Both of them have amazing careers if they decide this is what they want. If they don’t then back off and let them live their own lives.


A Legend Already: Bailee Madison

A lot of things have changed over the years with Bailee Madison but one thing remains the same. That face and smile.  She could not hide in a crowd of a million people because she has a certain look to her no one can replicate.
We asked some of Bailee’s fans recently what is it about her that keeps them interested and just about everyone said the same things. Talent. This girl is overloaded with talent.  Some said the innocent appearance she has, the fact that she has remained true to herself and did not feel like she had to be a Hollywood sell out like most girls who by the age of 12 are trying to be sex sirens for roles.
I will go as far as saying Bailee Madison can play everything from a Nun to a Serial killer and make you believe that is what she is.  Bailee Madison is extremely talented and we think she will be a Hollywood Legacy in her lifetime .That is a lot to say for someone so young.
Bailee currently stars on The Good Witch along with Catherine Bell and James Denton on the Hallmark Channel. I don’t know about you guys but to me Hallmark is right up there With Disney. You make it big on either channel and you are set for life.  One has to wonder when does this girl rest. She is in one thing after the other it seems.
Bailee starred with Natalie Portman in the movie Brothers and had everyone so engrossed in her acting it is no wonder she has been in high demand. She delivers with each and every performance.  The list of things she has done go on forever and I imagine by the time she is ready to retire it will be one of the longest in Hollywood history.
Bailee is also now trying her hand at directing.
She is currently filming The Strangers 2 and we cant wait to see it.
We have followed several of Bailee’s fans on social media and by far the best source of information is @BaileeFanofCACV  on twitter. They are devoted to Bailee’s career and many times post things before the media does.  Don’t ask me how these people get info but it is super cool to see such dedicated fans supporting this young actress.
We recently did a give away of A Cowgirls story on Twitter and to date it was our best contest.  This was Bailee’s movie and an excellent cast  made this video a stand out winner.
We know in her near future we will see Bailee Madison taking the stage at all the awards shows because she is young, determined and talented beyond belief. She will last a long time in this industry and remain true to who she is doing it.

Review of A Cowgirls Story -By Sabrina C.

When the text came last night saying the movie was on its way and would be in the mail box today we were all so excited. Of course we made immediate plans to get together to watch it. We started out with five but word spread we were having a viewing party and ended up with ten people watching.3
I will say not one of us were let down by this movie even though we all had our doubts about a religion based movie.  But this movie made some of us feel something we had been missing.  Something we grew up with and needed back in our lives. Prayer. Something bigger than ourselves to believe in again.

At first I thought Pat Boone would doom this movie. Now I honestly can not imagine anyone else playing the part. He was perfect and the chemistry between him and the actors just made it seem so real and natural. Like he really was the grandpa. Not just some actor playing a part.  And sorry but he is not as old as I thought he would be.  He did an excellent job of showing what family unity and sticking together is all about.
Aiden Alexander and Troy Guiterrez both carried their roles like seasoned professionals and just fit. You know what I mean, like who ever cast these characters knew what they were doing,  They all just fit. Made it more real. I hope to see Bailee and Chloe work together again. They compliment each other well and seem like a natural fit.

At first I thought well it is not normal for that many kids to lose a parent in the war but then Dawn reminded me that they likely lived in a military town. Since she is an air force brat herself she picks up on these things faster than I would.  And it is true if you live near a military base there are going to be a lot of families going through exactly what you go through.  One or both parents always missing from your life and sometimes they do not come home.
Timothy Armstrong did a beautiful job of showing what it really is like for military kids in this movie.  I do not understand why it did not go to theaters and we all agree it should have. It would have been a major contender for awards. There was no cheapness to this movie that you can tell by the video. It seemed well planned out and beautiful scenery so why video?  I am glad it is out and really don’t care how but feel like every single person who acted in this movie deserves recognition.

First let me say don’t even think you will not tear up or even cry. If you have a heart in your chest you will cry.  When these kids show their true raw emotion over losing a parent it makes you so glad you can go home at night and hug your own. Not all in our group can do that. And without calling names several of our group of friends have lost a parent. And one of them lost in war.  But that will be up to them if they want to write about how this movie made them feel.
The story line carries nicely and kept our attention. no one left the room for snacks or anything during the movie. I don’t think anyone even spoke during it. We were captivated.
Of course Bailee Madison does her usual fantastic acting job but one thing we most agreed on was that is hard to watch her transition from the kid to being older.  She just seems like the same Bailee to us.  The ugly crying scene was pretty good though. Bailee plays Dusty Rhodes whose mother is away at war and her father gets shipped out but is right back immediately because he was wounded and now her mother is missing. She turned to her love of horses to stay busy and turned some troubled kids lives around to join her in forming a drill team.  I realize the movie had to be a certain length but there seemed to be major portions missing to explain things. Like how long was he gone before he was hurt and came back because in the movie it seemed like overnight. How long was her mother missing?
Then comes Chloe Lukasiak who we all knew could act from her role on center stage but seeing her play a troubled kid with a goth look was hard to bite into at first. Then Chloe sold the role.  Not a role I hope sticks to her but she sold this one. Her father has been killed in the war and her mother has turned to drinking to cope. Chloes role as Savannah was perfect. She tried to hide the truth from everyone of what she was going through but sometimes when you have no other family to fall back on things happen to families that are not what they expect.  Savannah and her mother lose their home because they can not afford to live like they could when her father was alive. Not only is her father dead but she loses her mother to drinking and acts out.  They say she spent time in Juvie but never went into it much. There are hints that the townspeople look down on them which was a flaw in the writing because most military families stick together and lift each other up not tear them down.
For those who say it is not real to see teens sitting on bleachers drinking at school. Where have you been? It is not only very real it is happening in more and more schools likely a lot more than you want to accept. Not only on bleachers but in parking lots, at lockers, in bathrooms and yes, even in classrooms. Kids today carry flask to school.  I wish the movie had covered more of this issue because drinking alcohol is a major problem for kids today. It should not be ignored by saying you don’t think it happens because it does.

I thought the movie was going to be an extension of Cowgirls and Angels and Bailees character would show what happened after her father came back in her life. It has no connection at all to the first movie.  It in my opinion is much better.
Some are saying this is a feel good movie. A support your troops movie.  A religious movie. To me this is a movie that shows how people should act toward each other. Do not judge people going through hard times rather lift them up. Do not ignore someone who has lost their husband and turned to self medication instead get in there and help them survive it.
I don’t want to write to much on what was going on in the movie since this is the first day it is out and many have still not seen it but I will tell you this. Do not miss seeing this one. Our watch group ranged in ages from 14 years to 52 years old.   Every single one of us came away with a different feeling of what we have let go and need to get back to. Maybe it is being a better neighbor , maybe it is getting away from your faith and finding it again, maybe it is being a better friend or ignoring bullying when you see it. But everyone who watches this movie should do so with an open mind of what you let go in your life and need back in it and then make sure to follow through with getting it back.  You will be happier when you do. The world we live in today is in sad shape. Very sad shape. This movie shows you it can be better if you all work together and support one another with love and kindness.
I hope you will see it.  Grab a box of tissues because you will need them.
Excellent job by all. It would be great if Hallmark or some one would pick this up as a weekly series because it came real close to showing real life today as many know it.