Who is Kendall Vertes

I despise articles that start of Dance Moms fame. But Kendall did start out on that show. Fame, not so much. It was clear from the beginning this show was about two kids only. Which two to make famous. Why they were chosen may never really be known. Kendall joined the show in season two.
From the beginning she was portrayed as an underdog. Not a very good dancer but thanks to you tube it was the beginning of unraveling how scripted this reality show was. Kendall was an amazing dancer already when she joined this show however like others she was given dummied down choreography or was it that her new teacher could not teach the level she was dancing.
Kendall missed her calling by joining this show. She is a natural beauty with a god given talent for singing and dancing. She had endured years of the trolls brutality towards her and making horrible comments about her and her mother. But she kept going. Many times we saw her say she wanted to quit.   That her mother wanted this more than she did. Were those her true feelings? Or was it something she was told to say to create drama for the show?
Her studio owner managed a video for her last year or the year before I am not sure which but it did not show her true talent.  People have not given Kendall enough credit. What did she do when the song came out that sounded so auto tuned people tore it apart. They said her mother provided beer, pizza and prepaid credit cards for a bunch of college kids to buy her CD on iTunes to make it go to number one. A bit over kill don’t you think even for her mom.
That video was nothing more than another way for her teacher to say see I told you the child I picked was a better singer and would be a better pop star.  Kendall is very intelligent. what does she do. She makes a video on you tube of her singing in her bedroom. No auto tune. Just her own voice and it is amazing. Shut the haters right up. The girl has natural pipes and can sing.
Not to mention she was never sent out on modeling or acting jobs other kids were getting. Is it because Miller hated her natural charm and beauty and knew this kid would steal the thunder of the one she wanted promoted? Or was it because Kendall would not do what others were willing to do to get ahead?  Either way she never needed Miller in the first place.
Sadly she put out another video. The singing is great but as much as they say they fired Miller you see Lifetime camera men in the video scenes. So she is still struggling to get out there and be noticed
So who is this girl? She is some one Lifetime chose to over look for years. Now they need a new budding star they decide to promote her.  She is being given better choreography, not quality of her other studio, but better.  She is making a music video. She is putting it out there that she made an entire CD that miller refused to release.  Well come on now that money went to lawyers to keep her out of jail.
She has natural beauty and should be on real networks TV shows instead of this fake reality train wreck. So what exactly is holding her back. Why isn’t she being discovered as some one worthy of a shot?  Something is fishy in LA but we will keep digging and find out what it is and let you know.